Came out of my house and my car was gone!

This is how to completely ignore blatant to signs that you shouldn’t play field hockey on a particular day.

Yesterday, I talked about how I forgot it was Thursday and that I had field hockey until I was already out on my run – well, that was simply the first, and probably the most benign, sign I received yesterday that maybe I should skip hockey.

I’m not going to go into details, but we have a patient whose life story (and remember, I work in pediatrics so their memoirs are not that long) has left us a bit traumatized and so we met as a team at the end of the day yesterday and debriefed so by the time I got home from work I was a) mentally and physically exhausted and b) already late for hockey.

But I tell myself, “You’ll feel better once you’re there”. So I “walk” Abby around the ‘hood, feed her, feed myself, change into my hockey gear and step out of my house only to see an empty driveway and I start to panic – “WHERE is my car??!!”.

Here’s some background info before I continue: I work at the hospital which is an easy 7 minute walk from my house, but my office, which I spend 50% of my time in, is actually off-site (the hospital has run out of space) – about a 5 minute drive from my house. So some days I drive to work and other days I can walk. And some days, I drive to my office for the morning and then have to scoot over to the hospital for the afternoon and I park in the parking lot there.

So, after the moment of absolute panic, this is me, having had to walk back to the hospital after realizing that I had forgotten I had parked at the hospital and had walked home. And sadly, this is not the first time it has happened.

So, after locating my car, I get on my way to hockey…and I am REALLY late now.

I get to the field and go to put my running shoes on, only to discover that I LEFT THEM AT HOME.

(I probably should have gone home at this point…but you know me, right?)

I have a spare pair of running shoes in my car. In retrospect, they are kind of useless. They have been there for about 3-4 years and they sit through -30F up to 90F+. But, I put them on and ran out onto the field.

This is Gurdeep – one of the best players we have (I swear, his legs go up to my shoulders – but he’s only a few inches taller than me!). But the way I’ve captured him in this pic – that’s about as useful as I was last night.

Seriously, I felt like a chicken running around with its head cut-off. I missed easy passes, I wiffled on shots, I was out of position – generally, I was a pylon. And then I took a funny step and the ankle that got me a ride in an ambulance last December hollered at me “These shoes suck!”. It was a yucky sharp pain that then became a strong ache. So, that’s when I decided that MAYBE I just wasn’t supposed to be playing tonight and I walked straight off the field, took my shoes, socks and shin guards off and watched the game from the sidelines.

Went out for beers with teammates at our local drinking hole – actually, it’s a chain pub called The Royal Oak (there are tons of them throughout Ottawa). Not sure why I couldn’t take a clear pic!

Sat down at a table and within a minute, without us even ordering, the waitress brought us our beers…kinda neat? Or maybe a sign we go there too often? LOL!

Woke up this morning to a temperature of 10C/50F – WHAT??? I should have left my ice cube tray outside overnight! (yes, again, need to be dramatic).

But it was GORGEOUS outside.

And Abby and I enjoyed a 50 minute walk filled with throw-downs of various sorts.

And then I went out for a run. My legs are still feeling Wednesday’s track workout so my intention was to just do as much as my legs would allow me. But once I got to the water (1.5 miles from my house) I knew that I’d be running my 7 mile loop. It was just too beautiful to do anything less. I seriously wanted to stop every 2 minutes and take pics!!

So it’s Friday…and the summer…so I should be getting ready to go to the cottage for the weekend, right? 

*sigh* No, there is major foundation-related construction happening up there for the next 2 weeks so that means I’m a city dweller this weekend…probably a good thing though. It’s been about a month since I had a weekend that I was at home and not running all over the place…my house kinda looks  like a hobo lives there. There will be A LOT of house work happening this weekend.

Happy Friday!!!

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