I dare you not to laugh at what arrived for Abby in the mail!

As I pull into my driveway last night after work, I see something sticking out of my mailbox and immediately a deep belly laugh emerges – OF COURSE Abby would receive mail, and mail like this!!

I knew it was from someone in my neighbourhood and narrowed it down to around 5 of them – the 5 who would bother going out to buy a rawhide bone like that and stuff it in my mailbox – and emailed them with this pic asking whoever it was to fess up! LOL!  I now know who did it and there will be payback…’cause they know full well that I would NEVER actually let Abby have this! She’d be sick for days!!

Last night was GORGEOUS – and Abby, other than trying to eat every clump of grass left by lawnmowers (that stuff is like crack for her!), was relatively well behaved. I wish everyday the sky would look like this!

But this morning, while clear, was FREEZING COLD. It was 12C/54F and sure, in March or November that would be glorious, but in July, that’s arctic-style. Five minutes into our walk I was wishing I had swallowed my pride and worn a hat and mitts. I was so grateful when the sun appeared!!

And then there’s Abby. *sigh*

Wanna know why I’m sure I’m going to dislocate my shoulder someday soon? Watch this:

And then there was LOTS of this – although I’ll admit, it’s an advanced level throw-down: Sleeping Grass Monster-Pencil Dog

By the time I got back, I was SERIOUSLY chilled, but rationally I knew that once I started running I’d warm up, so I wore shorts and a t-shirt and headed out.  

5 minutes in I realized that I wasn’t listening to music and my headphones were at home. #ithappens

15 minutes in I realized that it was Thursday and I have field hockey tonight (and am not supposed to run today) #ithappensalot

I’m glad I went out thought, because if tonight ends up being like last week – where we play cross-field and I lose my mind because I feel like I’m not getting enough running in – then at least I’ll have got in a good run this morning. But I was smart and shortened it from 7 miles to 5 miles. My pace was 7:41 which is faster than I thought because my legs were pretty heavy after yesterday’s killer track workout…but I think I ran fast to keep warm! LOL!! (but am also serious!)

It was gorgeous out there!!

And there was an exciting change since I did this route last Friday – our new CFL football stadium has its scoreboard up!! My dad has season’s tickets and I will be going to most games with him. I really don’t follow football at all, nor do I really understand it or care (I know at least 2 people reading this who are tearing their hair out! LOL!), but I enjoy the social part of sport spectating! And it will be fun being at a brand new stadium that is just a stone’s throw from my parents house (read: no exorbitant parking costs or traffic mayhem)!! You can see that there is still a lot of construction going on – they’re building condos all around the stadium as well (I’m sure they’re selling for really cheap too – HAHAHAHA).

My cousin sent this to me last night and I was surprised to see all the words that are considered “Canadian”.

To my American friends: are these really Canadian words? – yes, I know some of them are for sure!!

To my Canadian friends – do you use all these words? I don’t use: chesterfield, had the biscuit, pogey

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