Post-rain beauty, Butt kicking on the track and a Generous guy!

Remember how yesterday I posted those almost annoyingly beautiful pics of where I get to run in the morning?

Well this is what I drove through last night. Holy hell.

I think I’ve mentioned this before, that I fairly regularly give sport nutrition talks at the Running Room (the company that has almost total control over Canada’s running merchandise – seriously). And of course, last night, the night that the rains of Noah’s Ark needed to be re-enacted, I had to drive across town to give a talk. The rain came down so hard and so fast that the roads were completely flooded – the car next to me, and we were all driving around 15 miles an hour, was going through puddles so deep that its wheels were throwing waves of water on my windshield. It was UNREAL. But then after my talk, I came out of the store to find this:

How amazing is that????

So, the rains cooled the air – which, is the LAST thing I want – but it also eliminated most of the humidity (I’m ok with that – it means I can straighten my hair!) and I was hoping for a low-humidity, warm sunny day today. But when Abby and I started out on our walk this morning, things were not looking so good. And it was 63F – so obviously I had to pull pants and a jacket on to even possibly survive those frigid temps!!

But by the end of the walk, this is what I was seeing!!! (but still happy to be wearing a jacket!)

Which is a good thing, because Abby’s behaviour on the walk was out of control.

One minute I’m having this “discussion” with her:

And then there are a few of these:

And then this – just out of nowhere, yeah, let’s just sit down (and check out the look she’s giving me).

And then the next thing I know, this is happening:

She’s totally playing with me, isn’t she!?

Today was a track workout – and another one I had never done before so I had no idea what TORTURE I was about to submit myself to!!


4 sets of 4 x 200m on 1 minute rest, 3 minutes between sets
At faster than 5k pace

As I’ve said before, this track is only about 360m, so my intervals were on average 176m (that’s where I ended up eyeballing and marking off the 200m mark). My splits were:

Set 1: 34 seconds, 33, 33, 33 (ok, hard but can recover in the 1 minute)
Set 2: 33, 33, 32, 32 (still can recover, but my quads are talking to me)
Set 3: 33, 32, 32, 32 (ok, am REALLY thankful I only have one more set)
Set 4: 32, 33, 32, 32 (I think I’m going to have a heart attack. Seriously)

Yup, probably the hardest track workout I’ve had in a while. I actually wasn’t sure how I was going to run home. Contemplated walking, but knew I didn’t have enough time to do that! So I slowly shuffled my feet home.

And apparently while I was busting my butt on the track, Abby was exploring new culinary options…that was almost a new pack. I WAS FURIOUS. She pulled this out of my work purse – something she has never done before. This had better not be a new trend.

At work, I have a patient whose family is financially challenged but I knew the kid absolutely needed to see a pedorthist. So I reached out to Ryan Grant at SoleFit here in Ottawa who I have come to know of through the running community and explained that I had a family who needed his expertise but couldn’t afford them…and you know what Ryan did? He came to MY office and did an assessment and gave recommendations for my patient FREE OF CHARGE. And then if that wasn’t enough, Ryan has said he’s happy to donate 1 morning a month to my patients here at my office. HOW GENEROUS IS THAT?? Love this guy.

Happy Wednesday!!

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