Hanging off tall buildings and Abby has caught on to what I’m doing!

When I posted yesterday with a pic of Mark and I posed in front of Toronto’s CN tower it made me want to share another CN tower experience of mine with you – one that will either make your knees weak or want to hang out with me! LOL!

In September 2012, I did the CN Tower Edgewalk which is where you “get to” walk around the edge of almost the top of the CN Tower!! It’s 1168 feet above the ground. When I tell people this, they generally have one of two reactions:

1. OMG – I totally want to do that!!

I know this won’t satisfy those who are scared of heights and who think anyone who does the Edgewalk is nuts, but the safety measures they have in place are incredible!! But yes, at the end of the day, I leaned off the edge of almost the tallest building in the world, with just 2 cables holding me back from plummeting to the ground.  

Side note: No one else had a jumpsuit with pants that short on – WHY did I have to?? LOL!

The large sum of money you fork over cost of it gets you up there “walking around” with a guide for about 25 minutes with 5 other people. I went with my partner at the time and 4 other strangers. I was the only girl. The guide made fun of the guys incessantly as they timidly shuffled their feet to the edge to lean out after I had calmly stepped to the edge and leaned out – “no big deal, boys!”. 

So yeah, in case you hadn’t guessed, I’m not terribly afraid of heights. I love roller coasters – the faster and more upside down they can take you, the better!! And I went sky diving in university…with Erin…lol – yes, this is the same girl I went to Jerry Springer with…no one’s going to say we’re boring together!!

This is what I got to start my day with today:

Pond right near my house…

And then the sun returned today!! (wow, that’s blinding just looking at the photo!!)

And I have to tell you, Abby was REALLY good again on the walk this morning. There was only one throw-down and it was because we had met a dog that she wanted to play with and so she threw a fit when I tried to make her continue on the walk. And at one point, you may not even believe me, I found her walking IN FRONT OF ME. And I caught it on video – but tell me, do you think she has caught onto what I’m doing with my phone? I swear, as soon as she saw me videoing her and she stopped walking ahead of me – she didn’t want the truth out there…that she can actually behave like a normal dog!!

I’m not exactly sure why she has been so good the last few days in terms of walking and not throwing-down, but it might be the VERY good sleep at night she’s been getting at night. This was the scene next to me last night in bed. Zero shame, right?! And trust me, it wasn’t much different when I work up this morning. And yes, there is a little bit of room for me on MY bed.

I managed to get out for a run this morning – but my Garmin told me that I am still feeling the effects of the weekend – LOL! Ran 7 miles and the pace was about 7:50 min/mile which is totally fine, it’s just slower than I normally run. Liver needs to detox just a wee bit more I guess!

But let me tell you, my route this morning was…well…breathtakingly beautiful.

I was almost distracted by how the gorgeous it was! If you look closely, there’s a brown bridge on the right hand side…my next pic was taken from it.

This is a bridge in the middle of the Arboretum which is a large beautiful park of which one of its borders runs along the Rideau Canal.

Can I just share something really incredible that happened to me yesterday? I kinda just need to share ’cause it rendered me speechless (yes, that might be hard for some to believe!). I had my performance appraisal (PA) at work yesterday – something which I didn’t think there would be any major surprise issues, but I think anyone is a bit nervous about going into them. I knew that certain colleagues would have been asked for feedback on my performance and you always worry that maybe you’ve not been living up to their expectations – or at least I do. But can I tell you, that I pretty much cried in my PA…because my colleagues and manager said the most incredibly nice things about me. I’m really hard on myself and usually don’t listen when people say something positive – but in a PA, you’re kind of forced to listen – and it just blew me away. Here is one of the amazing blurbs that my PA contained:

 Jane is a natural leader and the team looks to her to lead.  She motivates the team to do better. She is very good at giving both positive and constructive feedback. She jumps into help other team members without being asked. She is a true team player; she is often the person that team members turn to for support. Highly reliable.  She is also the person on the team that can bring a smile to your face. She is a role model employee.

I’m still pretty much in disbelief and feeling so much gratitude. Can I tell you that I work with the best people possible??

Happy Tuesday!!!

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