When you ruin the game yourself…also, there was a windchill this morning!

First of all, I want to wish a very happy

to all my American friends!!! 
Hope you have a lovely weekend filled with running, eating, and laughter!

I think you know that I love playing field hockey. And so I was really looking forward to getting out on the pitch last night and stretching the legs. But the weather was really wonky yesterday with rain off and on and threats of thunder storms – and even as I was driving to hockey, I was wondering whether we’d actually get to play. The clouds had that look where it could really go either way.

And not surprising, not too many people showed up last night. We’re now at the point in the season, where this happens naturally – people are on summer vacation, people are injured, etc. And then when there’s mixed up weather, the numbers drop even more.  We played 6 a side…and we played cross-field. I HATE cross-field. You can’t run. It bores the hell out of me.

And really, with 6 a side, we should be able to at least play 3/4 full field but when I tried to get people to do that, suddenly I found myself playing with a bunch of lazies – one person said, “Yeah, but then we’d actually have to run”. WHAT??

Deep breaths, Jane, deep breaths.

So we continued to play cross-field. And I was peeved. And really, what did that accomplish? It only ruined my time out there. Everyone else was having a good time. I HATE being in a bad mood…and so being in one only makes me more in a bad mood – LOL! 

At half-time one of the guys, Johnny, and I had a good chat and he pulled me out of my dumb mood and I was able to more enjoy the second half – not fully enjoy ’cause I was still just jogging around the pitch and not zooming around! LOL!  I scored 3 or 4 goals but there was only one goalie so the other team had a kicking back – MUCH easier to score on. But I’ll take it. And yes, I did a cartwheel. I can still be a smart-ass when in a bad mood. 😉

After the game I just wanted to go home and get some sleep but then some people were going out for beers and I figured I needed to get past being snippy with them and have some good social time with them. It was the right decision. Even though I’m DEAD tired this morning.

Listen, I love eating food like this…but not at 9:30pm when I will be getting up at 5am and running.

But this, this is always good.

Woke up this morning and opened the door to get the newspaper and nearly died. IT WAS (is) FREEZING COLD! Remember, just a few days ago I was at the cottage, in 90+ degree weather? Yeah, well, this morning it was 61 and it could have been 31. I swear there was a windchill (although, when I said that to my neighbour, she just about died of laughter).

Yes, yes, I’m a wuss with the “cooler” weather. So take pity on me when there is a 30 degree temp change – MY (allergic to the Canadian climate) body does not deal well…at all.

And you know how much I love the sunrise, right? Well what is this?? (wow, I sound grouchy today, don’t I?? LOL!!)

By the time I got back from walking Abby, I could barely feel my fingers (don’t laugh, I’m being serious…ok, you can laugh, but I’m still serious!) and my nose was running.

So what did this Canadian do? This strong, intelligent and feisty Canadian?

Yeah, she did. Don’t judge. Ok, judge. I know, it’s ridiculous. And by the time I actually got down there (I did have quite a lengthy debate with myself about whether to suck it up and go outside) I only had time to bang out a quick 3 miles. LOL. So really, close to a fail, but I ran, right?

Am headed to Toronto tomorrow morning for the weekend – it’s about a 4 hour drive. Will spend Saturday and that night with one of my best friends from high school and university – Erin – and her family (husband and 2 kids). Sunday morning I will meet 2 runners I met on twitter – am SUPER excited – and we’ll get in a run together and then some breakfast. After that I’m headed to my grandparents retirement home to have lunch with them. My grandfather is 94 and my grandmother is 90. My entire visit with them was arranged via email with my grandfather. They are awesome. After lunch I will head back to Ottawa.

Might not get a chance to post again until next Monday!

Happy Friday – and weekend!!!

2 thoughts on “When you ruin the game yourself…also, there was a windchill this morning!

  1. Diane

    Thank you for my new favorite word….wonky!!! I will use it often! I hope you had a great visit with your emailing grandparents. They must have been married a long time! That is so awesome!!



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