Yeah, I ran. On a Thursday. I’ll admit it.

Yup, being back to work after a 4-day weekend…well, it basically sucks. But I made it through! Got home and procrastinated for a while…my back lawn DESPERATELY needed to be cut. Like, in that way where you’re worried your neighbours will start judging you. 

But, and I think I have posted about this before, I despise mowing the lawn. Mostly because my plot of grass is so small that it takes me almost as long to take my lawn mower out and put it away as it does to actually cut the grass. But when I saw some rather unfriendly clouds gathering in the sky it lit a fire under my butt and  I quickly got outside and cut the grass (like a grown-up)…and as I was finishing, the sky looked like this:

And then when I got inside my house, this is what was going on:

Woke up this morning to rather cool temps (64F) but a blue sky and a brilliant sun.

Walked Abby wishing that I had put on a coat. I know, I know, 64F, especially compared to what I deal with in the winter, should be balmy…but by now you should know that I love the heat and hate the cold. 

And then I had to contend with Abby who was having another one of “those mornings” where she went back to bed after breakfast:

And in addition to endless throw-downs did a lot of this:

She’s giving me a look, isn’t she. And it’s not good.

So I was freezing by the time I got home – my nose was running!! And I SERIOUSLY wanted to wear mitts on my run. Seriously.

But I have made that mistake before at temps like this (*sigh* I really have) and so I didn’t – but I did put on a t-shirt instead of a tank top.

Ok, ok, some of you might be saying, “Umm, a run? Don’t you have field hockey tonight? Aren’t your orders NOT to run on Thursdays? Didn’t you, yourself, say you had learned a lesson last week!?”

Yeah, ok, that’s all true. But I couldn’t help myself. Ok?  And yes, I might moan about it tomorrow, but isnt that part of being a runner? Being stubborn and making decisions you KNOW might not be the best? And really, how BORING would I be if I just did what I was SUPPOSED to do all the time! Geez. LOL. (and I wonder why Abby is the way she is)

Within about, oh, 25 seconds of my run, I was cursing my decision to forego the tank top…I was HOT!! Yeah, yeah, you all knew that was going to happen. Sure, laugh at me. It’s ok. LOL!!!

Despite the glorious sunny start to the day…this is at the mid-way point of my 7-miles.

WHAT HAPPENED TO THE SUN??? And no joke, the temperature dropped to 63F during my run. And yes, I’m probably the only person who didn’t appreciate that. Ha!

So I shouldn’t have run this morning. And I should only have done my 5 mile route when I did run…but you know when you get caught up in your run and stop paying attention…oops. Missed the turn off. 7 miles done! Held a 7:35min/mile pace and it felt good (other than being too hot – hahaha!). We’ll see what happens at hockey tonight. There might be storms that cancel it (they tend to not let us out on the pitch with thunder and lightning) in which case I’ll feel REALLY smart for having run this morning!

Had to get to work early today for some CPR training. Does anyone actually like doing this? I have to do it for work as well as teaching fitness classes so it’s an annual process. But I’ve been doing it with the same instructor for the past few years and he’s super chill and makes it more bearable. 

Ok, any bets on how many goals I’ll score by throwing my stick tonight?

Happy Thursday!!!

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