My four days, unplugged, in paradise. With Abby – of course!

WOW. I just spent the most relaxing 4 days up at the cottage with INCREDIBLE weather. I feel SO lucky. But I missed you.

What helped make it more relaxing (although I didn’t always like this part) was that this is the first time, EVER, that I was unable to get any kind of signal up at the cottage and was left completely cut off from “civilization”. My Blackberry (which I had until last December) used to give me moments of reception…but not my fancy iPhone, nope, CUT OFF. Maybe Siri knew that I needed that…that we probably all need it.

Ok, let’s back it up. I drove up to the cottage Saturday morning but had committed to teach a Bootcamp class from 9-10:15am before going. I used to teach classes regularly, but my work (and social) schedule just doesn’t allow it anymore and so I am just doing sub work right now. I wasn’t really sure what to expect on a holiday long weekend in terms of how many would show up (and what mood they’d be in), but I was pleasantly surprised and had a GREAT class. They all left thanking me and saying that they knew they wouldn’t be walking for the next few days. I laughed…not knowing that I’d be in the same boat as them!

This is the studio I taught in.

Then I did some quick grocery shopping as I was in charge of bringing all lunches for the cottage for the next 4 days. I will admit…I went to the store wearing my spandex from class. I didn’t have time to change, ok?? 🙂

Then I rushed home, showered, threw some stuff in a bag, packed the car and headed up.

About 10 minutes from my house, we cross the river into the province of Quebec!

Then I remembered that I had forgotten to bring Abby’s treats (can you imagine how many thrown downs there’d be if I didn’t have treats??) and so I stopped off in the little town before the cottage. In my province, Ontario, you can pretty much only buy alcohol at the LCBO (Liquor Control Board of Ontario) or The Beer Store. Which is fine because they are EVERYWHERE…but when it’s later at night or a holiday, and the Ontario stores are closed, being close to Quebec is VERY handy…quick jaunt across the river and you can buy your alcohol at a corner store! The beer at Costco us MUCH cheaper than over here too! So, when I got Abby’s treats, I picked up some more beer – I was pretty sure it would be put to good use! 🙂

 Then I got to the cottage. *BLISS*

Put my bikini on and the rest of the weekend was pretty much a repeat of the same thing over and over so I will post mostly pics and you can just imagine that these activities happened everyday.

Abby I would wake at about 6:30am and head down to the dock for an early morning paddle. I always have a VERY eager passenger who is nervous I might leave her behind so she gets into the canoe the minute it’s in the water!

While sleeping in is lovely, I find it very hard to not take advantage of the early hours and get out onto the lake before anyone else and before the wind has picked up at all…the mirror-like water is INCREDIBLE.

I pretty much grew up in a canoe. Both at the cottage and doing extensive canoe tripping with my dad. Sometimes I think I might be more comfortable in a canoe with bare feet than on land in my shoes.

My routine is to paddle the perimeter of the lake which is probably around 4 miles. When Abby was younger, she was a) a tip risk and b) a jump risk. If a leaf floated by or a bubble surfaced, she was over those gunwhales (top edges of the canoe) faster than you can blink. And I’d have to circle back and haul her back in, soaking wet. And then we would repeat it again a few more times before the trip was done. But she has learned better balance of the canoe and controls her urges to jump a little better now.

The last half mile, with the sun in our face, Abby threw down into Half-Dead Dog pose in the bottom of the canoe. It’s tiring being the Captain, I guess? She seriously cracks me up.

Then the rest of the day (literally) would be a combination of me lying on the dock reading (I read 3 books) COVERED in sunscreen (I finished a whole bottle) under the amazing unrelenting sun and jumping in the water to cool off every 45 minutes or so (no, there is no style to my hair when I’m at the cottage).

My view.

And in case you’re wondering, ’cause it’s Canada, the land of igloos, the air temp was low to mid-90s with high humidity and this was the water temp. I was in heaven.

I should add, if I’m in the water, Abby is in the water. And often, even if I’m not in the water, Abby is in the water. She is part fish. I’m serious.

But this is one of her most favorite activities…we do this OVER and OVER and OVER again. None of our dachshunds before Abby would have EVER done this.

If you can’t view the video, here are still shots of her acting like a Retriever.

We would stay down on the dock until the light faded and it was time to head up to get dinner started – usually around 8pm.

And then we would eat dinner by lamp light looking out over the water. *Sigh* I love this place.

I had plans to run on Monday and Tuesday…but I’m serious, I was SO sore from the class that I taught on Saturday that just getting up from my lounge chair and into the water was challenging! My body really got to rest these past 4 days…it probably needed it.

This morning’s welcome back workout was a speed workout on the track of:

2 sets of 5 x 300m + 100m jog recovery between each interval and 2 minutes between each set…although it was supposed to be 4 minutes, but I misread the email from my coach (urgh!!). I had never done this workout before so I wasn’t all that sure how to pace myself given it was a jog recovery between intervals and not much at that, but I ended up being super consistent. Remember, this track is only ~ 360m so after eyeballing the 300m mark, they were actually actually 280m intervals and I did them in a time of 1:04-1:06 which is about a 6:20 mile/minute and the 100m jog was around 32 seconds. The workout was good (tough)…but you know why I really loved it? ‘Cause it was 86F with the humidex…I love a good sweat!! LOL!!

Yesterday, my last day up at the cottage on vacay was Canada Day…we had some fireworks Monday night and I will leave you with this.

Happy Wednesday!!

One thought on “My four days, unplugged, in paradise. With Abby – of course!

  1. Blkjkrabbit66

    LOVED this post! What a great way to recharge your batteries. My daughter has a short haired red dachshund who is not a water guy, so it's great to see that if he ever falls in he instinctively should know how to swim.
    Happy (belated) Canada Day!



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