Ohhhhh, that’s why he said no running on Thursdays!

Last night was field hockey and it was a GORGEOUS night. The first half of the night our team DOMINATED and I scored 4 goals (with cartwheels after each to celebrate – lol). Then at half time we switched ends. 

Ohhhh, that’s why the other team was complaining so much – you could barely see a thing facing this way!!

So I scored half a point facing this way. Why only half? Well, no one could really decide whether it fully counted…and the other team was tired of my cartwheels so they didn’t want to admit it might be a goal! LOL!  What happened is that I was running full speed to the goal and my teammate shot the ball to where I should end up…but because I disobeyed my coach’s orders and ran in the morning, my legs did not have their normal steam and I just couldn’t quite make it to catch the pass…but it was so perfect and I just needed to tip it into the goal…so I chucked my stick in front of me and it tipped the ball straight into the net. Ha!  Amazing, right?!  My team thought so.

But really, my legs were tired last night…I was NOT as fast as I normally am and I just didn’t have the endurance in my legs that I’m used to. AND I’m competitive so it was frustrating! I probably shouldn’t have run in the morning, right?

This morning w2as ABSOLUTELY BRILLIANT.  And it’s kicking off a great long weekend for me! A FOUR day weekend at that!!  Next Tuesday is Canada Day so I’m taking Monday off…and will be spending the entire weekend at the cottage and I cannot wait!! And there is little to no internet/cell reception up there so I will be unplugged. Probably good for me…but it’s always tough the first few weekends of the summer when you adjust to that! LOL!

Gorgeous sunrise. I’ve posted a similar pic before – I love it when Abby and I reach this spot on our walk and the sun is in this position!

And while Abby actually kept the throw-downs to a minimum today, there was an awful lot of sitting down…and pretending like I didn’t exist.


Then it was time for my run – 7 miles was on the schedule. I’ll be honest, I was a wee bit nervous. My legs were tired from hockey. But we only have so many days of warmth and sunshine, so I threw on my new headband that I love and headed out.

HOW BEAUTIFUL is it where I get to run!? I am so very lucky!!

A fish had just jumped in this pic…FYI, these are not fish you’d want to eat…unless you wanted to grow an extra limb. #pollutedwaters

There are actually a lot of people out running, biking, walking at this hour, but I caught a moment where I was all alone….so peaceful.

As beautiful as it was…I was hurting. If I wasn’t so stubborn I would have shortened it to 5 miles, but I’m stubborn. My quads were tight so my hamstrings were yelling at me and then by the end my calves were getting a bit tight.

Ok, ok, I’ll listen to my coach. No more Thursday morning runs as long as I have field hockey. Apparently I’m not Super Woman…or maybe I am, but I’m just getting older and don’t recover as well. No, let’s just go with I’m not Super Woman. 🙂

Happy Friday!!!

P.S. I’m SUPER excited today because one of my fav bloggers RunningSouthern asked me to guest blog for her today while she is away…check out my post:The Secret to Early Morning Workouts 

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