World cup of throw-downs and a slightly illegal run.

Father’s Day was a couple of weekends ago while I was away in Chicago and my parents were off gallivanting in Portugal. My father’s day gift had been for us to go on a tour of a local microbrewery (Broadhead) together, but the brewery made a mistake with my tour booking and there wasn’t one for us last night – so I just went over to their place and he and I had a beer together. We drank Lug Tread from Beau’s – another local microbrewery (my mom had the wine!).  

This morning Abby and I got up and started our normal routine. I fed her, ate my breakfast and read a little bit of the newspaper. Then it’s time for our walk and normally Abby is waiting by the front door but this morning she was nowhere to be found. I called for her, I looked near the back door, on the couch…no Abby. So I went upstairs and found her…BACK IN BED.

So I dragged her outside and it was clear, right from the start…10 feet from the front steps…this was going to be a LONG walk.

No warm-up, she went straight into full Dead Dog throw-down.

Then a few blocks later it was Half-Dead Dog

Then semi-Twisted Dead Dog

Then Pencil Dead Dog (a new one!)…ok, really, she is soooo cute!!!

After the walk I headed out for a run. Really, I’m not supposed to run today because I have field hockey tonight (coach’s orders), but I think you’ll understand…I just needed to run this week.  I did 5 miles with an average pace of 4:39 min/km (7:30 min/mile). Felt pretty good. Yes, I could have taken it slower. Admitting it is the first step, right??

But not as slow as Abby was taking it this morning…that was just painful!

Oh, I almost forgot…sooooo exciting…look what I did last night!!

One more state to be knocked off the list!!! WOOHOO!!! Am so excited!!!

Happy Thursday!!

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