7 awesome miles and an EPIC fail by Abby

It rained yesterday. ALL. DAY. LONG. Seriously, it didn’t stop once. And I just couldn’t bear to take Abby on a long walk…and while she seems to HATE walks (as you know), she also hates not having her walk. I swear the caption to this photo is: 

“Mom! Get off the computer and take me out so I can do 40 minutes worth of throw-downs!!”

When I woke this morning, the rain had stopped but it was overcast…and VERY humid.

So Abby and I went out…and she had the most EPIC fail. Let’s just remind ourselves of what kind of dog she is.

The Dachshund originated in Germany in the early 1600s. Bred to hunt small game such as badger and rabbit, the Dachshund has shortened legs to hunt and follow these animals to ground inside the burrows where they could fight the prey to the death. “Dachs” is the word for badger. Smaller Dachshunds where bred to hunt hare and stoat. Dachshunds have many “terrier” characteristics. They are versatile and courageous dogs and have been known to take on foxes and otters too.

Did you get that? 

So then explain this to me, please! 

THEN it was time for my run. And if you read my post yesterday, you know I really needed it. Speaking of yesterday’s post…thank you to everyone who reached out and made me feel special and loved. It really meant a lot. I really needed it.

The humidity was still at 100% when I headed out…but I am not complaining – better than winter!!

Really tried to focus on keeping the pace comfortable (notice, I didn’t use the word “easy”) and slowed down when I felt I was getting too competitive with myself. I thought about a lot on my run. Life stuff, but also simply running things like why I struggle to “run easy”. I think, in physical activities, I always like (need) to be challenged. 

If you’re going to walk up a mountain…why not try and run up it?
If you’re going to go on a roller coaster, why not go on one that turns you upside down?
If you’re going to do a run…why wouldn’t you run it the fastest you can for that given distance?

But I know that it’s part of my training plan…my body NEEDS me to do easy runs sometimes, and I felt that today I did listen to my body more AND, that I adjusted my pace to slow down a number of times when I felt I was “pushing” it rather than keeping it “comfortable”.

Not sure my Garmin shows an “easy” run…but I do think there was progress made (this is about a 7:35min/mile)

But really, the most important thing is that:
  1. I have amazing supportive friends
  2. I ran this morning…and it felt awesome!
  3. I love my dog even if she is THE WORST hunting dog EVER.
Happy Wednesday!!

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