When you can’t run from your demons…might as well TRX them!

We all start to run for different reasons and then sometimes the reason(s) we keep running are completely different. But regardless, if we keep doing it, those reasons must be vitally important to us…otherwise, let’s be honest, we wouldn’t run.

I started running long distance because I needed to fit in socially in my new lab in grad school (yes, peer pressure!) but fell in love with the feeling of accomplishment and the challenge to keep improving my time. And while those reasons certainly still exist, right now, the primary reason I run is to keep myself occupied and keep some demons at bay. As I’ve mentioned before I had a devastating end to a relationship a year ago and have gone through many stages of grief. I think the last few months have been the most difficult – and because of that, I started this blog and ramped up my training. Most of the time I’m convinced this is the right thing to do to deal with my emotions…but right before a race or right after, during the taper and recovery stage, I’m not so sure. During those times, I can’t run (literally) from those haunting demons and they scare me. I try to just keep breathing, keep my head up high…and lean on friends who will just “hold me up” without trying to solve anything. Those friends are the best ones. I found this the other day and a friend reminded me of it last night. Gotta work on this ’cause it’s so true.

I was REALLY tempted to run this morning, but after a conversation with myself, I decided that I needed to do what would better ensure I’m healthy to keep running in the next few weeks. Rushing recovery will not do that. So I got up, fed Abby, ate breakfast and we headed outside for our “walk”…into the rain :((( The Diva did no throw-downs…I assume only becausem even for her, the ground was too wet and dirty!

Once we got back, I changed and went down to my (very unfinished) basement where I have a bit of a gym set up: treadmill, free weights, bench, stability ball…and a TRX. Many moons ago I used to work full-time as a personal trainer and so spent A LOT of time in the gym doing strength training workouts myself. Since I moved here and joined my racing team, I have focused much less on the strength training and more on my actual running. Also, I hurt my neck (doing yoga!!??) about 5 years ago and no one could figure out what was wrong and while it’s MUCH better now, I do still have to be careful how much I do and exercises I do.

I did a quick upper body workout this morning – 3 sets, 12-15 reps of each exercise. Because it has been a LONG TIME since I have done these, I will likely be unable to move my arms tomorrow! LOL!

Push-up/Chest Press

Row – wide and narrow (difficult to see, but I am on an angle, working against gravity!)

Triceps Press (I did NOT do 15 of these – they make me want to die)

Bicep Curls

Core Pull-ins (yeah, got schooled in these today!!)

While far from the same as running, it gave me something to channel my emotions into this morning and will help me make it through the day. 

As will friends.

Happy Tuesday!

4 thoughts on “When you can’t run from your demons…might as well TRX them!

  1. Cbielinski

    Nice TRX workout, I have a TRX along with kettle bells, stability balls, BOSU and few pieces of equipment (roman chair, dip/pullup rack) in my basement gym. It's interesting to see what different exercises you cna do with just a few pieces of equipment and your imagination!


  2. Cbielinski

    I'm a big believer in kettle bells and the exercises you can do with them. They really help your core which helps your running but you know that as you used to be a PT.


  3. Canuck Runner

    I totally agree – core workouts are very important.
    I wish I was in love with the kettle bells but they just aren't my thing – good for you for incorporating them in your workout routine!!



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