A fallen teammate and a ridiculous dog.

It kinda sucked, but I spectated at last night’s hockey game. The guys tried to drag me in, but I think they knew that I was serious about resting and gave me a relatively small guilt trip (which included punches to the shoulder, sweaty hugs during half-time and general chirping from the pitch throughout the game). It’s good to feel loved. 😉

It was gorgeous last night on the pitch.

Probably hard to see the ball and other players when you were facing the sun, though!

We have a Summer Solstice Party every year and we invite current club members and past members. Last night was a great success but there was a air of sadness as well. One of our most dedicated club members was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer last fall. Not that any cancer is good, but pancreatic is a bad one. Stephen has been going through some tough treatment since his diagnosis and has obviously been unable to play hockey – in fact, most of us haven’t even seen him as he’s a rather private person. We have relied on information from his wife and daughter.  But he came out last night – played for about 15 minutes (very slowly) and then sat and watched the rest of the game. I sat with him. It was tough. He has always been one of the strongest and toughest players and now he’s so small and pale…and tired sounding. But it was so great to be able to see him and give him a hug. I don’t know how many more times I’ll be able to do that.

Last night we played 90 minutes of hockey (rather than 2 hours) and then headed over to Boston Pizza for food and beer…and some door prizes. I am now the proud (sarcasm) owner of 4 box seat tickets to an upcoming WWE event here in Ottawa.  I’m hoping to find a patient I can give them to!  I had two pieces of pizza which seemed like a great idea at the time (9:30pm) and tasted GREAT…but am regretting it this morning as it continues to just sit in my stomach. I also had a beer…let’s be clear, I am not regretting that. 🙂

Another rest day for me…so later wake-up followed by the most incredibly slow walk of my life. We did 1.5 miles in 60 minutes. Not that I think you’re wondering why it took that long (you are probably familiar with Abby at this point), but here are some snapshots of our walk…

Sleeping Grass Monster pose

Half Dead Dog pose

Dead Dog pose

Twisted Dead Dog pose

Tonight I’m going to pick up my race kit…and then try and wrap my head around the fact that I’m racing tomorrow morning. I’m kinda nervous. I feel completely unprepared even though I know that’s ridiculous. I also feel extra pressure since this race means so much to my coach (see yesterday’s post if you missed it). Wish me luck!!

Happy Friday!!

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