Racing in memory of Emilie.

I put myself on back to back rest days before my race on Saturday after yesterday morning’s run felt like crap. So that meant that my alarm went off at 6am today rather than 5am. I was pretty stoked about that…but to be honest, while the extra sleep felt good, the walk with Abby that I so enjoy was not as good. There are more people up at this time – more vehicular traffic, more cyclists and more dog walkers. And you miss the first part of the sunrise – as you can see, the sun is so much higher in the pic than it normally is…but really, still beautiful!

Abby threw down before we had even left the house this morning so I was really worried about what that meant for the actual walk.

But she was actually pretty good (for Abby) and only threw down a couple of times. Because we were a little later this morning, we ran into my FAVORITE dogs (other than Abby) – Lucy and Ginger (can you guess which one is Ginger?!).

They are hilarious to me because a) Abby looks like a BEAST next to them. They are mini-dachshunds…while Abby is of the giant variety (no, that’s not a real size in the breed – but I think it should be!) and b) they run FULL SPEED all over the place. As an servant owner of a dog who is almost always in slow-mode, these two are enigmas! I just love them!

There is a lot about 2 blocks from my house on which, in the past 6 years, there have been 3 VERY significant house fires. The first fire resulted in the house being torn down (and the land was sold), the second house built there had a fire that caused severe damage but was able to be restored… I’m not sure what the investigations decided in the end for the first two fires (both were VERY suspicious) but we know that the last one (which was the house that had already caught fire once) was arson for sure. The owner had built a beautiful house – he is a contractor – but apparently he couldn’t pay his laborers…and found himself in hospital after been severely beaten and his house completely burnt down. Of course it’s huge neighbourhood gossip. Now, someone else has bought the land and has started to build…I’m hoping they’re building a huge pool that we can all use! But probably not…but seriously, that is going to be a monster house there, don’t you think?? And please, no more fires?

Tonight is field hockey, but I have to be smart and not actually play , however I’ll still go out and watch (note to self: do NOT bring shin guards or mouth guard with you). Tonight is our Summer Solstice Party – we mix up the teams, play and then head to a local restaurant and have pizza and drinks and socialize. Should be good…although some people might still not be on good speaking terms after last weekend! 🙂

Saturday is my half marathon. At 9:45am…that’s a late race for me…hopefully I can get my nutrition straight for it. There is a 1k (fun run), 5k (quite competitive) and a half marathon (inaugural for this race) and it’s open to women only. It’s called Emilie’s Run and is in memory of Emilie Mondor – the first Canadian woman to run sub-15min for a 5k and a 2004 Canadian Olympian (Athens) for that same distance. In 2006 she decided to switch disciplines into the marathon. She moved to Gatineau (just across the river from Ottawa) and started training with my coach and team. On Friday, September 9th, 2006, after a solid training session with my coach, she got in her car and headed home…but lost control on the highway and died as a result of her injuries. She was 25 years old.  
I joined the team a month after her death and the grief was still palpable among my new teammates and especially my coach. Emilie has always been described to me as an incredibly positive, supportive and friendly person…and she could have easily been dismissive and snotty to the rest of the women on the team considering her accomplishments, but I’ve been told that she never showed an ounce of an “I’m too good for you” attitude. In fact, quite the opposite. Always wanted to learn from the other women.
Emilie Mondor
My coach started Emilie’s Run the following June after her death and this weekend marks its 8th year. He made it a women’s only event because he “hoped to encourage first time women runners to participate, and to provide an opportunity for competitive women to lead a race, set the pace and to be the overall winners
That’s pretty awesome. Just like Emilie was.
Happy Thursday!

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