SLOW DOWN! (And the terrifying black squirrel)

According to my neighbour, we had torrential rains during the night. But did I hear any of that? Nope. Bedroom window was wide open and I slept through it all.

When I woke up, it was still overcast, but you could see that the sun was pushing to get through.

Fed Abby, ate my breakfast and read a bit of the newspaper including a hilarious story on one of the football players (Carlton Mitchell) on our new CFL team. He is from Florida and is terrified of squirrels. And when he came to Ottawa, it was the first time he saw black squirrels. His reaction to them is hilarious. “I watch Animal Planet, and I never saw a black squirrel until I came here. I feel there’s something you’re all not telling me.”

Then the walk. I spoke yesterday about how much I appreciated the walk in the morning, that it was a crucial step is starting my day. Well, I think Abby reads my blog and decided to test the level of my appreciation this morning. Our route normally takes us 40 minutes and this morning it took us 60. And not because of throw downs – in fact, there were no throw downs. Please, Abby is too much of a Diva to throw herself down onto wet pavement. No, this morning she had her own idea about what pace the walk should be done at.

So during our walk, it went from overcast to down right gorgeous with a blinding sun!

The sun started to, what seemed like literally, push the clouds away!

And at times it was quite blinding…but I was not complaining! Such a great way to wake up!!

Despite no throw downs, the little creature is so low to the ground that she still needed to be rinsed off in the tub…and you know how she feels about that.

And then it was time to get my run on. On my schedule it said: 5 miles – easy.

If you read my blog even somewhat regularly, you probably know I have problems with the “easy” direction. That switch seems to be broken in my pacing meter. So I really wasn’t thinking it would be easy (I was being realistic), but more of just a normal run. But after about 10 minutes, when I would normally be starting to feel in my running groove, everything still just sucked. My legs were lead, my breathing was crazy heavy and loud and I was exhausted. And so I started to look at my Garmin to find out what was going on. Each time I looked down, I saw a pace of around 7:39 – once I caught it at 7:19. 

I wanted to literally yell at myself, “SLOW DOWN”. I was dying and was telling myself to slow the pace down, but my legs wouldn’t listen. And this is not good. I have a race on Saturday and all I was doing was tiring my legs and stressing myself out. My old running partner (she has hurt her back and may never run long distance again) used to say, “Jane has one pace – race pace”. And it used to be funny, but it’s getting not so funny. I need to learn how to alter my pace in training runs – to be able to push the pace faster than race pace (and hold it) and to slow it down. Things to work on…

But oh my, did it ever turn into a beautiful morning! I need to remember these pics during the winter months when all I see is white and varying shades of grey.

I got home after 5 miles, average pace of 7:39 and HR of 159. The fact that it felt so awful and my HR is not all that high shows to me that I’m tired. I was going to play hockey tomorrow night but I think I’m going to take tomorrow and Friday as rest days in hopes that I’ll be feeling ready and strong for Saturday’s race. At this point, I am not.

Last night I ran group at work with 7 teenagers. 7 WILD teenagers. LOL. They’re actually a really good group of kids, it’s just that they all seem to need to talk (at the same time) about 3 different topics each (at the same time) and they all want me to be paying attention to them (at the same time). And quite frankly, I just get lost. Last night I wanted them OUTSIDE and my job is to get them moving…and having fun. So I set up badminton nets and a whole bunch of different games  – lawn darts, ladderball (which the kids so maturely call Testicle Toss) and a relay race obstacle course. 

I split them into two teams and they competed against each other.  I asked them to come up with team names. The first team decides they’re called “Team Awesome” and what does the other team then come up with? “Team Infinity Awesome”. Yes, welcome to my life. 

Of course, just as we began it started to rain, but it was a good lesson for them that just because of a little rain, you can still play outside! I snapped a few pics, but for privacy reasons, I can’t have any of them actually doing the games which was hilarious!!

This is part of the obstacle course…you can see some of the pylons…

We were soaked by the end, but everyone was laughing. And I needed to go home and drink. LOL!

Happy Wednesday!

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