Umm, so I have a race this weekend?

While many probably think that having to walk the dog every morning and evening is a chore (and even I feel that way sometimes), yesterday I realized how much I have learned to depend on that 40 minutes in the morning to wake up and prepare for the day. Yesterday, because Abby was at the kennel, I just woke up, ate breakfast, showered and got in my car. I missed that time in between breakfast and shower where I got fresh air, quiet time, and watched the sunrise. I felt really off most of the day…and not just because I was running on 4 hours of sleep!

So this morning I REALLY appreciated the walk with Abby.

Even the throw downs.

I was still feeling rough this morning from the weekend. Didn’t get to bed as early as I wanted to last night ’cause I had to do groceries, food prep for the week and unpack, etc. But ummm, did you remember that I have a half marathon this weekend? ‘Cause I feel like I have forgotten. I have barely given it a thought lately! So I had to force myself to get out there this morning…but, like usual, within about 10 minutes I was so happy to be out there!

Today’s workout was 5 x 1k repeats at ~5k pace on 3 minutes recovery. I had thought about doing them on the track, but that’s REALLY boring on a track so I took my workout down to the canal where I knew there was a great 1k stretch between two bridges.

It was SO incredibly beautiful out there this morning – so calm. The water was mirror-like.

I ran the stretch in one direction and then recovered for 3 minutes and then ran back along the stretch and recovered for 3 minutes…and so on until I finished 5. The path is a bit winding and has some inclines and declines (which always seem massive by the last interval). And I have to tell you, I’m really proud of my pacing.

1st = 4:12 (good, easy pace, nothing crazy)
2nd = 4:10 (nice, slightly better, but not a huge jump)
3rd = 4:06 (crap, I have to run faster than that now?!)
4th = 4:04 (ok, I’m screwed for the last one)
5th = 3:57 (woohoo!! but how am I going to find the strength to run home?!)

My goal, as always with speedwork, is to run each repeat either the same pace as the last interval or slightly faster. The direction from my coach today was to do them at 5k pace but as I have never raced a 5k, am not entirely certain what my pacing would be. I assume I would finish around 21:00 so today’s pacing was pretty good. And I was dead tired by the end.

Note: Guys, you might want to skip to the next paragraph. Girls, check out my new nail wraps! Thought they were very à propos for my race this weekend!!

Am still trying to sort myself out from the weekend and as I was leaving my house this morning, I started to laugh. I live by myself and yet my front entrance-way looked like this!!

And each shoe has its purpose. The flip flops were what I wore when I took out the garbage and recycling this morning, the green running shoes are what I ran in this morning, the grey shoes are what I wore to work this morning and the pink running shoes are what I wore to walk Abby. See? All have a purpose…but still a bit ridiculous…and they COULD have been put away in the closet after their use!!

Happy Tuesday!!!

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