Lost the cup but cracked a customs agent!

Well, that tournament did NOT finish the same way it started.  On Saturday we won against Chicago (1-0), Atlanta (1-0), Ohio (3-1) and Cincinnati (2-1)…and in that last game, one of those goals WAS MINE!!!  I’m not sure I can adequately explain how excited I was. I was the only girl on our team to score this weekend and the guys said that my reaction after I scored was PRICELESS. Haha – it was probably a mixture of complete and utter shock and pure happiness!! So we ended the day being in first place going into the playoffs the next morning. We were feeling REALLY good about ourselves.

That night the host club held a social at a bar across the street from the hotel…and food and drinks were free.  The food was AMAZING (I have never had unlimited access to fried mozzarella sticks…YUM!!), and I enjoyed 2 beers…but then I put myself to bed. I could barely keep my eyes open. But the guys stayed behind – specifically the young 20 year old guys stayed behind. And drank. A LOT. I heard there were many beers and many shots ordered.

Me and my roommate for the weekend got up at 7am and had breakfast in the hotel – none of the guys were anywhere to be seen. On Saturday, I posted about the suspicious gravy…yesterday I just about fell over when I saw this:

As a Canadian…this is VERY troubling. Please tell me that there is REAL Maple Syrup in the US…please?!  And can you see the ingredient list?? Ahhhhhhhh!!!

Sunday morning our first game was the quarter finals against the host club, Chicago. I wasn’t certain that our team was sober…and then I saw one of the guys puking on the side of the field. That’s when I saw our chance at the cup fade away.

The guys were sloppy…and then got frustrated. And the game got ugly – as the other team did not help matters. There were a lot of under the breath insults…then not under the breath insults…then physical altercations started. The absolute worst was when, after a shoving match between Drew on my team and a guy on the other team (and honestly, what instigated it was NOT our fault), this other guy had a free shot and DRILLED the ball at Drew’s shins. Drew said that if he hadn’t been wearing his brand new shin guards, his bones would have been shattered. And I believe him, the sound it made on contact was horrible. But what was worse, is that this guy then went up to another guy on our team, Shane and said, “You’re next”. WHAT? Who does that??!! And I thought it was extra disgraceful that it was from the host team. This is the a**hole. He was a VERY good player but has an old-school attitude about the game.

Needless to say, we lost in the quarterfinals against Chicago. And oh my…the mood on the team was LOW. And when one of the grown-up older men on the team suggested it was too bad not everyone had come to this tournament with the same agenda and attitude…it just got worse. The young guys were in total denial that their choices the night before had anything to do with the outcome of the game…yeah, they said this while eating Advil like it was candy…and lying on the ground with towels draped over their faces or rushing to puke off to the side. Right, nothing to do with it.

We played one more consolation game and we lost that one too. We played that one against Milwaukee and they were SUPER nice – they said they had watched us all tournament and were really excited to play against us…which was nice – too bad our whole team couldn’t be sober for it.

Obviously, since there were no subs for the girls I played through all of our games and so I don’t have any pics of us playing or video – so I shot a quick video of another game (it’s Chicago against Atlanta) so you could see a bit – nothing terribly exciting, but still…

While we didn’t win the cup, one of our players, JP, won male MVP of the tournament for not only his actions on the field but off the field as well – and really, JP is not only a solid player, he is a REALLY nice guy so it was well deserved. He got a crown in addition to a plaque to recognize his award!

Then we had a few hours to kill before our flight so we showered and headed to downtown Chicago. We were STARVING so our first stop was to get food…and while waiting for food we played some more Heads Up…so hilarious.

We started off with some apps of nachos, chicken wings and sweet potato fries…which we ate like we hadn’t eaten in a week. Then I had a Sante Fe Chicken salad…by the time I was done, I felt like I needed to be rolled out of there. So what did we do next?

Yup, went and got some dessert! This is what I ordered…it was to die for.

Then it was time to head to the airport. Which, as O’Hare always is, was mad chaos. We were flying United Airlines and although they have about 25 ticket counters, they had 3 open – have you ever seen more than 3 open? I haven’t.

Security was absolute mayhem. And I was slightly worried that they would select my carry-on to go through and was prepared to tell them a) you might not be able to close it again (all my stuff was in carry-on) and b) please consider this a FULL warning, that it’s not going to smell pretty in there. A weekend full of sweaty hockey gear?? Yeah, that’s ugly. But made it through ok – no security staff lost their life to the stench! And finally made it to our gate. Of course, our flight was delayed an hour (have been through O’Hare MANY times and only once have I not had flight time alterations).  In the end, we didn’t take off until 10:40pm Chicago time (was supposed to be 9pm) and landed in Ottawa at 1:00am. I fell asleep just after take-off and was so sound asleep I didn’t wake up until we landed…literally as the wheels hit the ground. Has that ever happened to you? I first of all had no idea where I was and then my second thought was that the plan was crashing. Talk about a rude awakening. We clear customs in Ottawa…and that is NEVER a pleasant experience. I don’t know why, but I find the Ottawa Canadian custom agents COMPLETELY devoid of humor. I can always crack a smile as I go through US customs and in Toronto, Canadian custom agents are usually friendly…but Ottawa, they are awful. When asked last night, I said that I had been away at a field hockey tournament all weekend and the agent asked how we had done. I explained the whole partying too hard debacle and that we had completely fallen apart on Sunday…guess what happened? The guy let out a big belly laugh! YES! I have finally cracked one!!

Grabbed a cab with one of my teammates who lives nearby and stumbled into my house just before 2am.  I wanted to curl up into a ball and cry when my alarm went off this morning. But I had to get up ’cause I needed to pick up Abby before work…and I HAD to go to work this morning because I had a patient first thing. I normally have coffee in the morning, but can easily go without and suffer no consequences but let me tell you, this morning was not going to be one of those mornings. If I could have, I would have hooked up an IV with caffeine.

If you ever want to feel REALLY REALLY loved, go pick your dog up from the kennel. Next time I will get video of what she does…and the sounds she makes. She just about loses her mind and just runs circles around me crying/howling. Then, as soon as we’re in the car, she throws down and demands belly rubs the entire ride home! I love her SO much!!

Got to work only to discover the patient canceled. (Breathe Jane, Breathe).

Absolutely no way I could run today even if it was on my schedule…tomorrow I’ll be back on…and I plan to be in bed REALLY early tonight!! But I had an fantabulous weekend in Chicago and feel so lucky to be able to go do these things!!!

Happy Monday!!

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