10 Canadians (and 1 Bostonian) take on Chicago

So we’re here!!!!
 Flight over was fairly un-eventful. We landed at O’Hare, picked up our hockey bags and headed out to the car lot to pick up our car. Once in the car (6 people and all our luggage!) we battled a wee but of rush hour traffic and made it out to our Best Western (oooooh, so fancy) in Evanston where all the out of town teams are staying. We quickly checked in, dropped our bags off and headed out for some MUCH needed food. But first I stopped to admire the view from our room. LOL!
We walked a few blocks to an Italian restaurant called Dave’s Italian Cuisine – yes, the name was a little suspect but one of the guys on the team was adamant we go there.
Turns out it’s a great restaurant…although Chef Ramsey would say there are WAY TOO MANY items on the menu – this was just one side of it!!
We’re in Chicago so obviously I ordered pan-style pizza – duh! 
I was a champ and managed 3 pieces! Ha! Was soooooo stuffed. Seriously. But it was really, really good. Here is a shot of a few of us pausing the chow-down to smile for the camera.

We left the restaurant and headed to the train station to head into Chicago for a few hours. Came across this on the door of a church. For Canadians, this is mind-blowing.
This lovely worker helped us dumb Canadians figure out how to buy tickets for the train. He was VERY amused with us. We had also had a few beers by then.
On the train. We all made fun of Johnny (in the muddle) for this pic. So gangsta.

We found the bean!! Managed to get this super cool pic!!
It’s a giant and beautiful city. 

So our team is different from many…we have quite a large age-range. I’m the oldest female by about 15 years…am sharing a room with Kyra who was born in 1996!!! Our goalie at home, former goalie for the Canadian Junior team, is also that young but was unable to come this weekend. So what did we do? We recruited the goalie from the American Junior team! Lol! This kid, Nate, is from Boston, is 17 and I swear his voice is still cracking!! He is adorable!!
We played Heads Up on the loooooong train ride home. Hilarious!!

Basically crashed immediately once we got back to the hotel. Alarm went off at 6am. Showered, dressed and down to breakfast.

And this is where I learned why maybe Americans are fearful of our Poutine…is this what you think gravy is??? Please tell me it isn’t!!

We got to the field and got to warm up on this…right on the water!!!

And then it was game time. First up against Chicago. And we started off with one player short ’cause we didn’t have enough women, but half-way through we picked up a stray female player!

Some crazy shots (one girl took a deflection off her head), some wild swings and good plays. In the end we won 1-0!!!!!!

We have 2 hours until our next game so we’re hanging out…the boys are reliving their glory plays. 

Weather is great, the mood is high and I’m in CHICAGO!!!

Happy Saturday!!

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