‘Cause I’m leaving…on a jet plane! Ottawa vs. USA!!!

Yesterday, here in Ontario, the Provincial elections were held. In the last couple of weeks the polls and media have described this election as extremely tight – with the “lead” seemingly shifting daily. Going into yesterday, tensions were high as we waited to discover whether the Liberals would be re-elected or if the Progressive Conservative Party (PC) would rise to power. I don’t think anyone really thought the New Democratic Party and certainly not the Green Party were any real competition.

If I had really thought things through, I would have left work at lunch and gone to vote, but I didn’t…and ended up having to go on my way to hockey…felt like an idiot walking into the polling station looking like this…

They did, however, thank me for “dressing up” for the occasion…I’m sure they were being sincere, right? LOL! (Note: the Liberal party walloped the election with a majority government win)

While it rained pretty much all day yesterday, the weather gods were with us and the rain stopped for field hockey last night! However, we seem to have a lot of fair weather players as many didn’t show, so we just mixed people up and made a Red and White team that are not the normal teams – I was Red last night for instance! And it turned out to be THE FUNNIEST game ever. I scored not one, not two, but FOUR goals. And trust me, that’s not normal. On the fourth, I think both teams just burst out laughing. Every time my team had possession and we headed down to the opposing team’s net, the goalie would yell, “Someone get on Jane, get on her!!”. And yet somehow my stick just kept finding the ball. We won 5-1…and that one goal scored against us was done when I was off the field…I actually caught it on camera!

So I got the schedule for tomorrow’s games – as well as the other teams who will be there!

Yup, Ottawa is taking on the USA. Four games tomorrow and we’re guaranteed at least 2 games on Sunday! I’m super excited for this tourney but also scared…some of these teams will be REALLY good…and to be honest, I’m scared of getting hurt. Not just twisting an ankle or pulling a muscle, but getting hit in the face or knee cap with the ball. And we don’t really have enough girls so I’ve been moved from my normal Mid-field position (where I run all over the field) to Left Wing – this is so that I’m able to save my legs somewhat as I’ll be playing every game without a sub (thankfully the games are a funny length of only 25 minutes!!). So last night I was put up as Left Wing to test it out…haha – seemed to work, I guess! But in all seriousness, I’m not 100% confident in my positioning AND I normally play on the right side of the field. This might have been a bad decision, but I told my team they could yell at me anytime I was out of position this weekend – LOL! I might get yelled at a lot.

My training schedule says that I was to do 7 miles this morning, but I’m dead tired. Last night’s game was 90 minutes – and the only time I was off was that one time when they other team scored that one goal. And I think this weekend is going to be a wee bit physically demanding! So when I just didn’t “feel it” when I got up, I decided I needed to listen to my body…and I really think it’s the right decision as I have yet to feel much guilt over it.

I’ll be blogging from Chicago this weekend!! But right now I’m trying to figure out how to pack everything into carry-on luggage only. It’s not going well. 

Happy Friday!!!

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