What more could this girl want??

(Ok – probably a lot more, but this day has started off pretty darn well…am writing this from my seat at the salon as I get my hair all pretty for Chicago!!)

So let’s just back track to my life last night…I loved my years in grad school. I really, really did. And while I got a fabulous education which has provided incredible career opportunities, it was the social side that was the best. I worked in a lab with other grad students who were intelligent, hard working, enjoyed being active…and who loved to party. Apparently, stories of our legendary shenanigans are still talked about today – by students who have never met us. One of the doors in our lab had a collage of photos that we took throughout our time there and when I was back visiting 2 years ago, the collage is still there (I graduated on 2003) and students were excited to meet someone FROM those legendary photos. Tell me that’s not hilarious!!

Two of my grad days friends live here in Ottawa – Veronic and Brianne – but we see each other only every 5 months or so…funny how that happens, right? Last night, another one, Chris, arrived in Ottawa for a conference (with a title so science nerdy that I can’t even remember it!!) and we all went out for dinner and drinks. We spent a lot of time re-living our glory days, but also catching up on what everyone is up to. Chris is a prof at York University (in Toronto), Brianne is looking for an academic position at a uni and just had a baby, and Veronic is prof at Carleton University. I’m the black sheep who left academia for the clinical world – lol. There was one tough part of the evening…deciding what beer to order at this place!

Chris (aka The Ogre) holding Brianne’s 7wk old baby, Emily.

Bri with Emily rescued from said Ogre.

Bri had to leave early so here’s a selfie with me and Veronic and with someone who looks an awful lot like Rob Ford!! Lol!!

AMAZING time with them. Have not laughed that much or that hard in a long time. But when I got into bed after midnight, I was definitely WORRIED about what was going to happen when my alarm went off at 5am.

Guess what?! Please don’t think I’m completely nuts, but I woke up at 4:57 and was amped to get up and get my track workout started!!!! That is awesome, right? Although I may not think that when 4pm rolls around at work this aft (to be honest, sitting under this hot dome hair dryer at the salon is making me drowsy…Ha!)

Walked Abby and experienced one of the most beautiful sunrises.

Abby only did ONE full throw down today (there were partial attempts at them though – including hinting at moving into Sleeping Grass Monster but I managed to pull her out of them). She saw this rabbit (top middle of pic)

And threw a fit (throw down into Dead Dog) when I wouldn’t let her go after it!

Then it was time for the track – woohoo!! Today’s workout was 12 x 400m on 2 mins rest. Like last week I ran there (2.5k) – so beautiful BEFORE you start, right?

These were my repeat times (I wore my Garmin today and it seems it’s actually about a 360m track):

1 = 1:26 (good, starting off conservatively)
2 = 1:20 (I’m an idiot)
3 =  —- (hit the wrong button on my watch – am still an idiot)
4 = 1:21
5 = 1:19
6 = 1:17
7 = 1:18
8 = 1:21 (got a bad stitch at 200m)
9 = 1:19
10 = 1:19
11 = 1:17
12 = 1:17 (FELT like 1:13!!!)

So, a little rough at the beginning, but overall not too bad. It’s hard to do these workouts on your own – you have to pay attention to your pacing on every single repeat. When I would do these with the team, one of my best friends, Mel, she and I were about the same speed and so we would alternate who was pacing the interval and it was great. One interval you had to pay attention and the next, you just followed the heels of the other person.

Used the stone counting method again – I’m sure the groundskeepers that were out around the track this morning were wondering what I was doing!!

Then I ran home and let me tell you – it was TOUGH. So tough that I was little worried that I’m pushing myself too hard in workouts and need to take some more rest days. Ha! Until I got home and looked at what my pace had been for my “cool down” run home: 7:25min/mile. Again, I’m an idiot.

Ok, must go…am about to get a glorious scalp massage…

Happy Wednesday!!

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