Airplane ride, Jerry Springer and a Skunk!

It seems so long ago that this was planned and it has finally almost arrived. In 3 days I’ll be boarding a plane headed to Chicago!! Sadly, this trip is not going to allow me to knock off Illinois from my list as I’m going to play in the Chicago Cup Field Hockey Tournament – but trust me, I tried to find a race going on there this weekend!

Team probably wouldn’t have allowed me to race anyway though…this is a mixed tournament and there must be 5 women on the field at all times…somehow only 3 women from our team are now going!! It sounds like we might have picked up another woman from Nova Scotia and then we’ll have to try and borrow one once we’re there…but basically, I will be playing THE ENTIRE TIME. Ha – maybe playing in this tourney the weekend before my race was not the best idea…

While I’m going to be in Chicago all weekend, I doubt that I’m really going to see much outside of the pitch, hotel and local bar (we’re hockey players, right?!). I’ve been to Chicago before so I’m not too upset about missing out on THE REST of the city – and really, when I was there, I really did get the full experience. My cousin lives there so I ate good food (pizza!!) and went to great music clubs, I went to the museum and aquarium…and to round out the entire experience, and please don’t think less of me, I went to a taping of Jerry Springer. Come on! Tell me you aren’t even just a LITTLE curious what that would be like!! Right?? Well, I’ll tell you that it was the most frightening thing ever. Nothing seemed fake. The people on stage were VERY serious and upset that their sister slept with their brother and uncle on the same afternoon and had twins with their cousin. And then the other people in the audience?? Probably worse. But, we got our pic taken with Jerry (total perv) and Steve! This is about 1999…please excuse the fashion…love my chubby face! Yes, I have the pic framed – wouldn’t you?

Another beautiful day today – but the bugs were bad this morning and so I couldn’t bear to stop and take pics while walking Abby and even she behaved rather well (for being an Abby-dog). But when this little creature popped up I couldn’t help but take a pic! A skunk was spying on us from the drainage pipe! We were actually right next to it when I first saw it, and I QUICKLY got further away before whipping out my phone (all I needed was for me and Abby to be sprayed!).

No run today – rest day. Start of the taper.  This is the rest of the week:

Today – rest
Wednesday – speed work on the track (or TM if it’s raining!)
Thursday – field hockey
Friday – 7 miles
Saturday – field hockey tournament
Sunday – field hockey tournament

Happy Tuesday!

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