Jane vs. The Hill – who do you think won?! LOL!

What an absolutely amazing weekend we had here in Ottawa!! And the next few days are forecast to be the same…too bad I’m inside at work!

Finished off yesterday by doing so many loads of laundry I don’t even want to tell you, but the best part was being able to hang them on the line to dry. Maybe if this is something you can do almost year ’round it’s not a big deal, but we only have a few months during which we can do it and I LOVE IT!!

And then for dinner I risked one of those Costco burgers again…they’re huge, right??

Woke up this morning to clouds in the sky, but you could just feel that they were going to move on out as the sun rose…

It had already changed to this within 10 minutes of our walk…

Ah yes, our walk…

Then I headed out for my run (no issues from the cow I ate the night before). On today’s agenda: Long Hill Repeats (gross). Started with a 3 mile warm-up along the river…SO. AMAZINGLY. BEAUTIFUL. and PEACEFUL.

And then it was time for the hill. Ugh. Last week I did short hill repeats (less than 30 seconds) and this week I was doing longer repeats (1-2 minutes). I did it on the same hill, but on the other side of the street ’cause the curve is less dangerous when you’re running up and a cyclist (who should be on the road) is coming down the sidewalk. I ran up this hill to where I’ve put the red arrow at the top – 300m in length. The idea is to run up the hill at 5k intensity (the pace will be slower than 5k ’cause you’re on a hill) and then walk or jog down and make sure you’re recovered before you start the next repeat.

So how did it go? Well, my plan was to do 6 repeats. But after the first 2 repeats I thought to myself, I’m not sure I can do 6, I might only be able to do 4. I know that when I’m struggling with motivation in my workouts, a thought like that will mean that I will ONLY DO 4. Have you been there? Do you know what I mean? But I’m feeling really strong these days and am motivated…so I was able to push that thought to the side and when I got to the end of the 4th repeat I realized that I was going to be able to 6 – woohoo! And then you know what happened after the 6th? Yeah, I did a 7th. Just to show that darn hill who was boss!! Then I walked home ’cause I was too tired to run anymore! LOL! It’s only half a mile – so I didn’t feel too guilty! The only slight issue I had during the workout was my toe (which didn’t bother me last week) was a wee bit angry on the downhill. But not enough to make me worried…and my next race (less than 2 weeks!) is pretty flat so I shouldn’t have any issues!

Happy Monday!!!

2 thoughts on “Jane vs. The Hill – who do you think won?! LOL!

  1. runningsouthern.com

    That little voice in my head is all too familiar to me. Although mine likes to tell me that I can cut my run short a mile because I have other things I need to do. The voice won today… unfortunately.



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