Enchanted Forest and Abby pretends to be a dog.

Another absolutely gorgeous day here!! Why my brain had to wake me up at 5:30am on a Sunday rest day I have no idea. But that’s what happened. *sigh*

As I’ve mentioned before, out behind my house is a military base that is pretty much unused but they still felt it necessary to start banning dogs there a year ago. I respect the rule MOST of the time (there are days when I just don’t feel like getting hassled by the ONE guy there who has a problem with dogs), but I often will go there on the weekends because “that guy” is never there.

Part of the military land is a forest that has a paved pathway through it. Us dog walkers in the ‘hood have named it the Enchanted Forest. I live central Ottawa and yet when you walk through the Enchanted Forest, there are times when you can forget that you are in the city – the birds, squirrels, rabits, foxes and the occasional skunk, make you feel as though you are out in the country. It’s lovely. So that’s where we started our walk:

Then  we end up in a large open grassy area (still military land) and on early weekend morning’s like today I can let Abby off leash…and this is one of the few times she pretends like she’s actually a dog. One that has DNA programming her to hunt (like Dachshunds are supposed to have). Rare footage:

But then of course, she’s exhausted…

And today she would NOT get up…and I’m embarrassed to admit it, but this happened…

Anyway, was done the walk by 7am and what do you do on a Sunday morning at 7am? Go get your groceries done at Walmart, of course!…and if you’re not sure that’s the right answer, the pic below will help convince you…tell me that’s not paradise. LOL!!

Once that was done, I decided to do something I have been putting off. Give Abby a bath. Because she spends the majority of her life rolling around on the ground, she gets baths probably more often than most dogs. And while I can’t keep her out of the lake up at the cottage in the summer, she HATES baths (don’t all dogs?!). All I have to do is mention the word bath and she runs and hides in a corner. It’s awful. So she had her bath – and gave me the evil glare throughout.

Once out and towel dried she always needs to rub the clean off – cracks me up!!
No run today. Will get chores around the house and done and then there’s a neighbourhood bbq going on this afternoon.

Happy Sunday!!!

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