Long Run Awesomeness and Countdown to the BWE!!

Woke up this morning and THIS is the weather forecast:

Do you know how exciting that is for a Canadian?? Haha! I am in HEAVEN!!

So, got up, ate breakfast, fed Abby and we headed out for our “walk”. As per usual, my dog is not in front of me…she’s not even beside me. 

She is behind me.

This morning was a 10 mile run and it was extra special because my friend and neighbour, Rebecca, was joining me! I met Rebecca a number of years ago through the team. Rebecca is crazy fast. She won’t tell you that, but she is. She has run sub 1:20 half marathons and I know she has run a sub 3:10 marathon. And SHE wanted to run with ME this morning. I did verify with her that she knew how “slow” she’d be running with me! Ha!

She lives one block over from me so we met at the end of my street at 8:30 this morning and set off.

And it was GORGEOUS.  To be honest, I don’t even remember if there were lots of people out – walking, running, biking, driving – because Rebecca and I just chatted the whole time. And she indulged me every time I stopped to take a quick pic!

Le Chateau Laurier Hotel next to the locks

I always take this pic…bridge over to Quebec – I ran across this bridge in my last race.

Supreme Court of Canada on the left

Awww, so cute, right? Ha! I was scared even this close. They are nasty vicious creatures! Have literally had to turn around on a path while running once because was attacked by them.

We tried really hard to take a selfie with Parliament behind…this was the best we could do! Ha!

We conveniently stopped to take a selfie here…bottom of the last big hill home!

In the end we did 10 miles at around an 8min/mile pace – we both agreed, especially in the last mile or two, that it felt harder…and probably because we were talking so much and aren’t used to that!! But it was also like 20 degrees warmer than usual! lol!

It was so fun to run with Rebecca and with us living so close we’re going to try and run more together – do some hill workouts together which would be AWESOME. Not only is Rebecca fast but she’s a smarty pants and is doing her residency in family medicine right now so her schedule is a little all over the place (plus she has a little one at home and her husband is in medical school), but we have plans in the making!! You will see her again here I’m sure! 🙂

Running friends are so awesome. I bonded in grad school with my colleagues through running, I have made so many good friends here in Ottawa through running and then there’s a whole family of running friends I’ve connected with through social media. There is this one woman I chat with regularly on twitter. I don’t know her name, I don’t know what she looks like – but man, does she make me laugh and she’s always there to say “good job”. She posted a GREAT meme this morning:

I mentioned in a previous post two other people I’ve connected with – Brad and M (that’s my nickname for him) and they are both coming to Ottawa to visit me (ok, they might also be here to see the city and run, but let’s just go with “visit me”). I have never met them before, I’ve never spoken to them…but they are incredibly supportive, funny and always there when I need them – and I cannot wait to meet them! And they are both doing, independent of each other, the CUTEST thing ever (yes, cutest is the word I use…I’m a girl, leave me a lone!).  They both have countdowns going on until they day they arrive in Ottawa…and they send me regular updates on them!

Brad has a countdown going on on his phone:

And M has a white board in his office that he updates daily…oh, and, BWE stands for Best Weekend Ever which he puts there mostly to amuse me! But really, wouldn’t a weekend in Ottawa be The Best Weekend Ever? I think so! LOL!

Running friends are simply the best.

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