HUGE argument with myself today – and my exciting discovery! LOL!

I’m sure you’ve had this argument as well. It’s that argument you have with yourself with your mental and physical sides pitted against each other and neither will budge. When we’re injured, our physical side can be telling us to slow down but our mental side can play some SERIOUS tricks on us. And then there are other days when the mental side is tired and is working very hard to demotivate you from your run while your physical side is trying to pipe up and tell you to just get out there!

Last night I had a rather large dinner…ok, I’ll be honest because if you read yesterday’s post, you know I probably ate A LOT in total yesterday…but I’m blaming dinner on what happened.

I had a LONG day at work. Let’s just say it involved a challenging young patient and I watched more Thomas the Tank Engine and Dora that I ever wanted to see.  So when I got home, I had earned this:

And then I bbq’d myself up a GIANT burger from Costco.

And then I had some croutons with some salad (haha – I love croutons so much!!)

So anyway, I did NOT sleep well last night. And of course, it had NOTHING to do with having ice cream and pizza as my second breakfast yesterday!! :))

Still didn’t feel well when I got up and Abby and I both dragged ourselves around the neighbourhood for 45 minutes this morning…Abby looks much better than I do when she does it though! Or at least, she gets a better reaction from passersby than I ever do! I think she might be cuter 🙂

I had planned on running 7 miles this morning but to be honest, I wasn’t sure my stomach would let me…at least not without multiple stops along the way. But the problem was, EVERY OTHER PART of me was DYING to run. It was a serious battle between my mental side and physical side – how do I take care of both…partly meaning, how do I go to work today and not kill people I come into contact with if I don’t end up running!

So I changed into my running clothes and stood beside my treadmill for, I’m not kidding you, 20 minutes trying to figure out what was the best plan. Yeah, I know, that’s ridiculous but I have never had such an internal debate before. I just REALLY wanted to run….and not run to the bathroom part way through!

So I decided to get on and if, within the first 5 minutes I felt that it was turning into junk miles I would get off and be ok with it. And given what time it was, if I didn’t want to be REALLY late for work, my max distance was going to be 5 miles.

BOOM! 5 miles in the bag!!

It felt SOOOOOOO good!

After almost every run I do some planks and so today I took some video of me doing them – and then edited out some specific shots.

Today I did two combinations. The first was:

Normal plank x30s
Opposite arm + leg extension x30s 
Normal plank x30s
Other opposite arm + leg extension x30s
Normal plank for 30s
Total of 2:30 of planking – all done without dropping hips down to floor

“Normal Plank”

“Opposite Arm + Leg”
Other “Opposite Arm + Leg”
And then the second combo is:

Normal plank x 1min
Side plank x 1min
Normal plank x 1min
Side (opposite) plank x 1 min
Normal plank x 1 min
Total of 5:00 of planking – again, all without dropping hips

And while I was editing these shots out from the video I saw THE MOST AMAZING THING EVER…I have an ab or two that SHOW!!! I might have squealed a little bit!

Tomorrow is the start of taper for my race in a few weeks – coach has me doing 10 miles. I won’t be eating a Costco burger tonight…and I will probably lay off the croutons. 🙂

Happy Friday!!!!

2 thoughts on “HUGE argument with myself today – and my exciting discovery! LOL!


    Your abs are killer in this photo!

    Sidenote: It's a little embarrassing how the first thing I noticed in these photos was your drying rack in the back ground and the first thing I thought was how much I wanted one like it because it's better than mine. I must be getting old.



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