Tough run this morning – but look who I ran into! SO Canadian!!

So last night I went out for dinner with a friend. We went downtown to the Byward Market here in Ottawa – great place! During the day there is a full market and at night the restaurants are awesome! We went to The Grand which is a great Italian restaurant. I ordered a pizza (I’m slightly obsessed with pizza fyi) and a beer. It was delicious but I couldn’t finish my pizza so I took the remainder with me (more on that later).

Then we decided to just walk around for a bit after dinner – we take advantage of the non-winter months whenever we can here!! And let me tell you, it was spectacular.

Most government buildings downtown Ottawa look like this…

Ummm, anyone else think the Peace Tower is trying to pull a Leaning Tower of Pisa?

Building on the left is the main part of the Parliament Buildings of Canada and just next to it on the right, the circular building, is the Parliamentary Library. You can have tours of all these if you visit!! :))

This is one of the lock systems – I think it’s so cool!
But the ABSOLUTE best was when we came across this guy!! Can this walk be more Canadian??

In case you can’t make the video work, I of course got still shots of the little guy!!

And really, we didn’t have to be quiet and pretend like we weren’t there – he knew we were there and did not care one bit! It was awesome!!

Woke up this morning to a VERY overcast day. And Abby’s mood on the walk mirrored that. The throw downs were endless…until she found her most FAVORITE TOY IN THE WORLD. An empty plastic drinking bottle.

Why don’t I always give her one for our walks? Because I would have permanent shoulder damage from the rampage she goes on with them! But it’s hilarious for a short time!

Then off on my run – 7 miles. It was gorgeous.

But to be honest, it was a physically tough run. I just felt tired, nothing in the tank. But I might have figured out why…

When I was getting ready for work I realized I was starving and I might have eaten this…

And then this might have happened afterwards…

It happens, right? LOL!  Seriously though, I have been putting in a lot of mileage, consistently, and I probably haven’t been increasing my caloric intake accordingly. Which can be detrimental to anyone’s training…I really need to get on top of this…note to self: buy more ice cream on way home tonight! 😉

Happy Thursday!!

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