Throw-down threats (on video) and a schooling on the track!

I worked late yesterday as I was running a group with 8 of our teens…8 wild and hormone raging teens. Luckily the weather cooperated for my session and I was able to take them out to a local park and play SPUD with them – a game that involves throwing a ball at a human target. Guess who was usually chosen as the human target? Yes, yours truly. I really love them – but man, do they talk a lot…and about a lot of different things in one sentence! Ha!

As I left work, the weather started to change – and fast. This was on my drive home:

And then about 15 minutes after I got home there was thunder, lightening and torrential rain. I took this picture out the back of my house:

But this morning I woke up to beautiful weather!!

Now time for some “Abby – caught on video”.  She doesn’t always move straight into throw-downs, sometimes she warms me up with the Throw-down Threat:

But don’t worry, she doesn’t disappoint…she does eventually throw-down…and usually will tack on a full out Dead Dog at the end.

So then after the EXCITEMENT of our walk, it was time for the day’s workout:
SPEED. And finally, today, I could move it out onto a track…not the treadmill, but OUTSIDE ON A TRACK!  When I’m with my team, we’re at a proper track, but when I’m on my own and in the morning, I just head to a local high school and use their “track”. I say it that way because it’s gravel and not quite 400m (a girl on my team measured it once and it’s something like 345m).

I ran from my house to the track – about 2.5k which is an ok warm-up and arrived to find it all to myself! 🙂

Panorama view from the other end

And the first thing I do is make my start line – VERY fancy and official (I drag my heel across the gravel).

Today’s workout was 10 x 400m on 2 minutes recovery. When I do my intervals with the team, my coach counts for us. When I’m on the treadmill, I move a penny from one cup holder to the other to count…what do you do when you’re on a track? Use pebbles of course!

Here I’ve just completed interval 6

And here, I have finished number 10!!!

And how was it you ask? Well, it was tough. I kinda got schooled. It has been a VERY long time since I was out on the track. On a treadmill I have a machine keeping my pace even…on the track it’s up to me to keep it under control. And like I do for my hill repeats, my goal is to make each interval at least the same speed as the last or slightly faster – NOT slower.  These were my interval times (remember – not quite 400m):

1 = 1:24
2 = 1:23
3 = 1:22
4 = 1:18 (crap – someone else started running around the track so I had to show off!)
5 = 1:18
6 = 1:22 (stopped caring about showing off – legs were too tired!)
7 = 1:21
8 = 1:22
9 = 1:21
10 = 1:15 (showing off)

So it was OK…but a little shaky at certain points. Really felt like I was re-learning how to run the track and keep my pace under control so I could complete the workout properly. Am looking forward to doing more workouts on the track over the summer – they hurt, but I have learned that they help you get that PB/PR!!! Totally worth the “discomfort”.

So, great, yeah, my workout was done on the track…but I still had to run home. Um, yeah, that hurt. LOL!

Do you do speedwork?

What are your favorite types of speedwork?
I like track workouts and I like 400 and 1200 repeats…I do NOT like 800 and 1600 (mile) repeats.

Happy Wednesday!!

2 thoughts on “Throw-down threats (on video) and a schooling on the track!


    I love doing speed work, but have been lazy with it lately. My favorite to do is a 40x40m workout, with a 30 second break in between each sprint, keeping sprints within 1 second of each other. It leaves me sore for a week every single time.



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