Abby takes my rest day VERY seriously.

Listen, I know I need to rest on Sunday…but this was ridiculous – even for Abby!

This is her warm-up to a full throw-down.

Your basic throw-down

Full Dead Dog throw-down

And again

And again

Basic Sleeping Grass Monster

Attitude Sleeping Grass Monster (won’t even look at me)

And then at the end she pulls this! WHAT??!!

Anyway, once that painful walk was over with (LOL!), I met up with some friends for the Spring Sprint in support of the Brain Tumour Foundation.  One of my close friends, Melanie, lost her father (age 63) to a brain tumour 3 years ago. He had worked hard his entire life and had been incredibly successful but, like so many people, planned on enjoying the fruits of his labour in his retirement. He retired 2 months before his tumour was discovered and he passed 18 months later. He never got to enjoy his retirement. Reminder to live each and every day as if it might be your last.  Since his passing, our group of friends gets together every year to participate in the Spring Sprint. It’s a 2.5k or 5k walk/run – basically, it’s a wonderful community of people (500 this year) getting together to remember those we’ve lost and celebrate those who are still with us – survivors and those currently battling. It’s incredible. And today’s weather COULD NOT HAVE BEEN BETTER.

Now it’s time to prepare for the week – laundry, clean the house and prepare snacks and lunches!

Happy Sunday!!!

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