Got off with a warning from the police.

Usually my runs take me along the Rideau Canal and the Ottawa River but to get there I have a 2k run from my house down a fairly busy street and there are often speed traps on certain bends. This morning, I’m running down this street and I see that there’s a speed trap (which always makes me snicker for the poor suckers who are going to get caught) with police on motorcycles. As I’m approaching it, one of the police officers steps out onto the sidewalk with his hand up as if stopping me and when I’m within earshot, he says something along the lines of, “Ma’am, I’m going to have to ask you to pull over, you’re going a little fast”. WHAT??  Then I realize that I know him – he’s a friend of a friend – and he thinks he’s being hilarious. Ok, it was hilarious. I gave him a punch in the shoulder and ran on.

It’s GORGEOUS here today. Blue skies, sunshine, slight breeze.

I was super excited to run in this weather, but the toe thing was on my mind. It’s much better than it was yesterday. The cracked top half of the nail came off which I think was causing a lot of the pain whenever something would touch it – but it’s still super sensitive. My plan was to do 10-12 (but really hoping for 12) and to really try to keep it easy.

I usually do my runs with music but sometimes will leave the house completely forgetting my iPod and it doesn’t bother me at all. And I NEVER race with music – I love the sound of a race…except heavy footed runners (will get to that in a minute). Today I left my phone/camera behind as well as my iPod – just wanted to lose myself in the weather. I still had my garmin on, but I’ve long ago stopped being a slave to it. I don’t look at it until the run is done. I brought water with my in my fuel belt and oh, I PUT SUNSCREEN ON!!! It was THAT sunny!!! LOL! Yes, I’m Canadian.

I ended up doing 11 miles. And for the most part it was great – but my toe was definitely making me run differently. My left foot/ankle was cramping up and my right ITB at the knee starting making some noise. And going downhill? My toe did NOT like that – hard to not let the tip of your toe not touch the top or end of your shoe. But the most frustrating part was that I became a bit of a heavy footed runner today – my feet were slapping down on the pavement. I had become the most annoying thing out there!! Does that bother you? You’re in a race, let’s say a marathon, and you’re at mile 22, and you suddenly find yourself next to a runner who slaps their feet down with each step. To me? THE MOST ANNOYING SOUND EVER. Even more annoying than the people who have their Nike woman telling them every 3 minutes what their pace is! (note: if you do that, it is REALLY obnoxious)

In the end, I did 11 miles and kept it easy (4:55min/km or 7:55min/mile). The toe and I will work things out.

This afternoon I need to mow the lawn (the chore I hate the most), then I’m meeting one of my best girlfriends, Ashley, for beers (on a patio!!). She’s in the midst of leaving her job and becoming a full time freelance photographer so she’s been very busy lately and we haven’t seen each other since April!! Looking forward to catching up!  Tonight my friend Pascal is taking me out for dinner – to my favorite Thai restaurant! I’m a lucky girl!! 🙂

What sort of things do other runners do that bug you in a race or during a run?

Spicy or not spicy food?

Happy Saturday!!!

2 thoughts on “Got off with a warning from the police.


    I hate the heavy footed runner. Almost as much as the runner who doesn't pick up his feet when he runs, and the runner who lines up at the front and then walks 0.25 miles into the race. Oh man, there are so many pet peeves when it comes to running.

    PS- I sent you an email via your widget… hopefully you got it!



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