Enforced Control – probably warranted!

So, you know how you sometimes struggle to keep an “easy” pace when that’s what your workout calls for? I know I’ve mentioned that I struggle with this just a wee bit (ok, ok, I totally struggle with it) and I would like to tell you that I have discovered how to better stick to “easy” on a run.

It starts with playing field hockey. The next step is to block a hard shot on net (I did it unintentionally, but you do what you want!) with your foot – specifically, the tips of your toes. I warn you, it will hurt. A lot. And it may make that sound that makes both teams stop dead and let out a sort of gasp. You might let out some choice words.

Yeah, that’s what happened to me last night. The ball in field hockey is totally unforgiving. And the shot I took was off one of the best players in our club – a young guy named Johnny. His shots are quite deadly (and usually accurate so he’s on my “I’m watching you list” – haha!). I kind of wanted to throw up when it happened. But at the same time, the adrenaline from playing and from the pain keeps you kind of hopped up…so of course after some muttering and hopping around, the game resumed – with me still in it. It wasn’t until the second game when I started to be really distracted by the throbbing and burning pain in my toes. By the last half of the second game, I was fairly useless on the field.

Here’s a pic from one of last night’s games – goalie has just deflected an awesome shot.

I opted to skip the post-game beers so that I could go home and face what was underneath my shoe and sock. However,  when I got home, I saw something that needed to be dealt with immediately.

I swear that hadn’t been there when I left the house 3 hours earlier. I couldn’t find my wasp killer spray (it’s not the first time I’ve had one try and settle) so I took a long bbq utensil and whacked at it like piñata (yeah, yeah, I know, not the smartest thing!) and it flew off and landed about 2 metres from me…and THE LARGEST wasp came out of it and straight at me. I managed to hit it down with my “weapon” and smoosh it with my foot. All taken care of. And I didn’t squeal once. Ok, maybe a little. But it was really, really big!!

Got inside, and assessed the foot damage. For the amount of pain it’s causing me, it doesn’t look that bad. I feel a bit like a wuss – but I swear it hurts!! It’s really that one toe with the cracked nail polish that’s the problem. Where the crack in the polish is, is where there’s a crack in my nail. It’s slightly swollen and this morning the whole toe is starting to turn a little purple. Basically that freaky long toe (longer than my big toe) stopped the shot itself. And also, I clearly need to paint my nails again soon! 🙂

So tried to ice it a bit last night but any pressure on the nail was excruciating. Slept fine – although woke up again on the far side of the bed on the very edge…with Abby occupying the rest of the real estate! Then stepped out of bed. Ok, that hurt. But you can walk ok without using your toe (well, it might not look normal, but you can do it!).

Took Abby out, but I’ll admit it was a shortened walk – but not so much because of my toe but because I spilled coffee all over me and that put me over the edge! LOL!  Abby thought it was hilarious!

I had an easy 7 miles on the books to do and it was warm enough that I was going to do it outside. But I still wasn’t sure how I was going to get my running shoe on and then run – anything touching the toe is NOT A GOOD FEELING. Managed to get the shoe on and went down to the treadmill so that if it wasn’t going to work – it was easy to bail. This was how it went:

Reality: it hurts a lot

My brain: keep trying, maybe it’ll pass

Reality: it hurts a lot and my gait is all off – this could lead to injury

My brain: keep trying, maybe it’ll pass

Reality: it hurts a lot and now my knee is starting to hurt

My brain: keep trying, not getting your run it is going to make you angry

Reality: it hurts a lot and now my knee AND my achilles is hurting

My brain: you’re at 3 miles now – let’s just keep going to 6 miles

You get the picture. I got 6 ugly miles in and to be honest, while I think I feel better than if I had bailed, it didn’t give me the satisfaction I usually get. I had to keep the pace slow and because of the pain, I couldn’t lose myself in my run – I just kept worrying about my gait and creating another problem. Looking on the bright side though…yesterday was my first day back running post-race and I probably needed to actually take this morning’s run easy – and I know I wouldn’t have if my toe wasn’t angry. So a little enforced control that goes away by tomorrow is ok! 🙂

Talked to coach yesterday and this is the plan for the next week:

Saturday: 10-13 miles (easy)
Sunday: rest
Monday: hill repeats
Tuesday: 7 miles
Wednesday: Speed – 10 x 400m at 5k pace with 2 mins recovery
Thursday: field hockey
Friday: 7 miles

Happy Friday!!!

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