5 years ago today…

This time, 5 years ago, I was in San Diego preparing for the RNR San Diego marathon…but at the same time, in a small town outside of Ottawa, a much more significant event occurred. One that would change my life (and maybe the world – lol) forever. One that changed who was “boss” in my house. 5 years ago, The Abby was born.

This is the day I brought her home – 8 weeks old.

The first day we just relaxed…looking back, this may be where she learned the throw down…

The eyes and those big paws got me right from the start – right??

She was just so tiny…

And then became not so tiny…

Anyway, since it’s her birthday, I won’t dwell on the throw downs she put me through this morning. But you know she did.

It’s supposed to get warmer today, but I still had to pull on my hat and mitts this morning. And I KNOW I said I was being smart and just going to make hockey tonight my first run post-race…but I was just dying to get a run in. So I did an easy (“easy”) 5k on the treadmill this morning. Feel SO MUCH BETTER!!!

And am happy to report that nothing felt off, muscles feel good, heart rate behaved, breathing was fine…and I enjoyed an intense moment in Breaking Bad (**spoiler alert**) when Gus slit the dude’s throat in the lab! I just about fell off the treadmill – was NOT expecting that!!

Need to talk to coach today to get some guidance on the next 3 weeks in terms (next half is June 21) of workouts and how far to run on my long runs.

Happy Thursday!!

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