Smart Recovery…and my Diva.

Woke up this morning with the same attitude as Abby…

And yes, that’s a good question – where, in this Queen size bed, DO I sleep?

It was cold – low 50’s (HUGE switch from Sunday’s low 80’s), overcast and windy. I actually walked Abby while wearing a hat and mitts! Which is good, sometimes straight out of bed in the morning, it’s best to just put a hat on!  And please note my hat…yes, there is a spider on it. It’s part of my therapy – lol! I figure that the first step to overcoming my fear is to wear one of those dreaded creatures ON ME (even if it’s embroidered!). Ok, maybe it’s just ’cause I think it makes me look badass! Does it? Lol!!

Anyway, too cold to take too many pics/videos (hands wanted to stay in the mitts), just captured this to show the day. Blah.

Wanted Thursday to be my first day of running post race, but that would mean it would be while playing field hockey which I wasn’t so keen on (just wanted a straight run)…so I decided to run this morning to test the legs out. With the weather and me being a wimpy Canadian, I headed down to my basement to use the treadmill (to be honest, I kind of miss Breaking Bad!!).

But then 3 minutes later, this was me getting off the treadmill.

For me, the tell tale sign that I need some rest is when I get a high stitch in my rib cage within the first minute of running. That happened this morning so I just got off. There is absolutely no point is rushing through my recovery – that took me years to be ok with. My original plan was to wait until Thursday, so I’m going to stick to that…field hockey running it is. I’ll just have to make sure I get there earlier than normal so I can warm up…I’m bad for that!

Last night I drove over to my parents (less than 10 minutes) who live a block in from the canal. Took Abby with me so we could do our evening walk there. It’s so gorgeous – was so lucky to grow up there! They have beautiful flower beds all along the paths – tulip season has just ended otherwise I would have more pics of flowers!

So Abby, as you know, attracts attention WHEREVER she is. But the canal and the flower beds are a tourist mecca – on the weekends there are tour buses EVERYWHERE and the paths can be jammed. I grew up there and with wiener dogs so what happened last night was nothing new, but still total entertainment!! I don’t know why, but the Asian tourists think wiener dogs are HILARIOUS and are always asking to take their picture (sometimes posing with the dog). Last night there was this Asian couple who came rushing over, pointing to me and Abby. They barely spoke a word of English but made it clear that the woman wanted her picture taken with Abby. If there hadn’t been a language barrier I would have asked to take a picture of them taking a picture of Abby…felt it was too awkward to take their pic without asking! Of course, this only feeds into Abby’s impression that she is a STAR.  #losingbattle

Hope it’s warmer tomorrow night for hockey – and hope it’s warmer right now wherever you are!

Happy Wednesday!

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