Abby running…caught ON CAMERA!!

I caught it on camera! Abby RUNNING!  It was short lived, but it happened!!

But before you think that all you know and depend upon is now shaken, do not fear…the majority of our walk was this:

Note that she is not even facing the way we were walking!

Which then, naturally, turned into this:

And also caught on camera was the the “transient throw down” – further proving that throwing down has little to do with being a “poor tired little doggie”!!

While I have this annoying thing where I’m never sore after races and while I was running up an down stairs yesterday, I’ll tell you…I’m not immune to the foam roller.  Last night I was going to do some foam rollering (ha!) but I first started off with my therapy balls – if you don’t have some, get some!!

 I was too chicken to use them anywhere but on my feet (they find bad spots anytime let alone post-race!).  I start off by just rolling my feet over them – asserting enough pressure that you are “getting in there”

Then I push down on the ball with the area just in front of the meaty part of the heel

And then I finish with “wrapping my toes” around the ball and pushing down.

After I do that and put my foot flat on the floor…OH. MY. GOD.  It’s like your feet just sink right into the floor. It’s amazing.

Then I did some foam rolling. I’ve had and used a roller for years but last fall I took a 6-week workshop specifically on the foam roller and it was fantastic!! We went through the entire body with the roller over the 6-weeks. At the start, I would whimper and sweat each time we worked on the IT band (we’re runners, right?!).  But by the end, and since then because I’ve continued using it, it’s relatively pain free!

I start with just general rolling – because for me my IT band is nice and loose, I can have both legs up off the ground.

And then if I find a spot that’s a little more tender, I hold the roller on that spot, take my top leg over and place its foot on the ground as a stabilizer. Then with the lower leg (that has the tender spot), I slowly bend my knee back and forth so the roller is moving across the tender spot…until it releases or the discomfort lessons. The important thing is to BREATHE. Which is easier said than done…at least if you’re whimpering, it means you’re breathing! 🙂

I then did my quads (try taking a picture of yourself doing that!) and that was unpleasant to say the least. Then I moved to my hamstrings. I don’t even want to talk about it. It was awful. But I did it.

Do you use a foam roller or therapy/trigger point balls? Any other torture tools?

Happy Tuesday!!

4 thoughts on “Abby running…caught ON CAMERA!!

  1. Cbielinski

    I thought I had it bad trying to run or walk with my dog but seeing what you go through with your dog makes me feel better! My dog is a former police K-9 and she alerts on everything due to her incredible sense of smell.


  2. Canuck Runner

    Yes, I've read similar articles. I think that my experience has been positive so far so I'm going to continue using it. HOWEVER, I do think that in general we over-recover all the time. Compression socks, recovery drinks/food, massage, foam rollers, ice baths, etc. But the reason we train is to stress our muscles and make them adapt to that stress…but if we never actually let them be stressed long enough to adapt (because we ice bath and thrown on compression socks after a run) then will we progress? I foam roll maybe once a week – maybe every two weeks. And that's about all I do in terms of purposeful recovery. Hopefully my body is stressed enough! Ha!


  3. Canuck Runner

    Yes…I think every dog owner feels better after they watch me and Abby! Abby is alerted to every smell…but she wants to hang out and ponder the smell, analyze it, consider it…yours wants to just GO to the source so forward motion happens! 🙂



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