It was the night before…

I woke up at 4:30 this morning. And couldn’t fall back asleep. I’m kinda excited about the race tomorrow…so it’s like Christmas Eve? LOL!

Picked up my race kit last night. I remember when you’d get this goody bag full of free samples, etc. Then it turned into a bag full of coupons and flyers – basically junk that would go straight to the recycling bin. This race was the first time (although I’ve heard it’s been done elsewhere) where we were given a “virtual” goody bag. A link was emailed to us that brought you to a page with a bunch of coupons you could print out…or just hit “delete”. Not as fun as the old goody bags, but much better for the environment!

The modern goody bag 😦

Not a huge fan of this year’s race shirt – white just gets dirty and gross. 

And like my friend said, “That won’t look good on the men who run in their race shirt tomorrow and get bloody nipples!” 


At the expo I bought a new pair of sunglasses and what’s called a Flip Belt. Not likely to wear it for tomorrow’s race so its review will come at a later date.

So yeah…woke up REALLY early this morning and tried to go back to sleep but by 5am I gave up and just got up.  It was GORGEOUS outside so Abby got an extra long walk – you can imagine how she felt about that…but in case you can’t, I have a few pics to illustrate it…


Gorgeous morning.

Abby throws down…in the middle of an intersection. Now, an intersection throw down is not uncommon, she often does it in the middle of VERY BUSY intersections with traffic lights and all…and those are not the times to whip out my camera. But this morning, before 6am, there was NO ONE around so I was able to capture her protest…

And she was really serious about it (remember NO ONE WAS AROUND!!)

We were out for just over an hour and, other than that intersection protest, she was actually really good…until we were 8 houses from home…EIGHT HOUSES.  Full out throw down into Dead Dog.

Told coach that I was going to race. His main response:

Okay, good luck. It is supposed to be on the warmish side so be careful with hydration.

LOL. Man of few words.

Am headed out tonight to watch the 5 and 10k races – there are over 48,000 people signed up for Ottawa race weekend (2k, 5k, 10k, half and full marathon) and traditionally there are almost 10,000 in the half marathon. It’s an amazing weekend for the city!!

Other than that, it’s just resting, hydrating and eating regularly today! 🙂

Happy Saturday!!!

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