Abby caught on camera!

Yesterday, my brilliant friend Mike B told me (not suggested, TOLD ME) to get some nasal spray – with oxymetazoline in it.  I had just been taking oral decongestant gel caps. Not really a fan of nasal sprays – is anyone? But I was desperate (and, yes, Mike’s smart) so I stopped off at the drugstore before work and got some…and OMG. I feel SO much better. My head pressure alleviated and my cold was reduced to just a few sniffles.  WOOHOO!!  Had a good night’s sleep and woke up being able to breathe through my nose!  Those simple life pleasures, eh? Was able to enjoy my walk this morning – well, the views…not the arguing with Abby. 🙂

Will talk to my coach this morning, but am pretty sure he’s going to tell me to take the rest of the week off until the race on Sunday.  I think I’m going to be ok with that.  My 75min tempo run on Monday felt REALLY good so I think that’ll keep my confidence boosted until the race.

Normally I play field hockey on Thursday nights but I think it’s best if I don’t push my luck and play a few nights before a race…I think it just will guarantee I twist my ankle or pull a hammy. Don’t need that. I’d go and cheer my team on but, well, the mosquitoes are just too out of control right now to stand on the side lines. I sent my team a “cheer” email instead!

I’ve had some requests for videos of Abby throwing down into her poses. I’m not sure if these will work but here are two that I managed to get, but they’re when she’s already down and I’m struggling to try and get her back up and walking again! I learned that her throw downs are covert operations…I will continue to work on capturing the not-so-elusive Abby throw down poses on video.

Happy Thursday!!!

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