This taper week is EASY!!

Some of you had to bear with me and my complaining during my last taper week prior to Portland. This time around, in prep for the Ottawa half this coming Sunday, the taper is a cinch! Now you just have to listen to me complaining about some wicked head cold I have!!  It’s ok, could be WAY worse. So far it hasn’t dropped to my lungs and really, it’s forcing me to take it easy this week – I don’t even WANT to run. So my attitude is that I’ll be all better by the weekend and fully rested to rock the race!! 🙂 Right??

Last night, for dinner I had homemade burgers. I don’t enjoy making them – getting my hands all in the raw meet is gross – but it’s always worth it in the end!  It was also my first bbq’ing of the season!  One question: HOW does my bbq get so dirty over the winter when all it does is sit under its cover below 8 feet of snow??!! I couldn’t even bring myself to take a picture of it before I cleaned it – it was so yucky! I was discussing this with my friend, Brad, yesterday: Sometimes I think I eat burgers just so I can load on condiments. I was missing hot peppers yesterday but otherwise, had a good layering of tastes!

Woke up this morning feeling ROUGH. Felt like my head was going to explode from the pressure.  The day was beautiful, but I could barely hold my eyes open while walking Abby.

Abby can be an excellent walker when she has something in her mouth – and it’s even better when she has more than one!

I wish I had this on video. We had gone through the entire walk without a full throw down pose. Then suddenly she sat and wouldn’t move. And then VERY SLOWLY she threw down into Dead Dog Pose.  I laughed out loud.

Of course even though I can’t run at all right now, I’m still prepping for the race. Trying to keep eating regularly – I don’t do anything crazy the week before a race. Just eat normally but am extra careful to do it properly.  And I’m keeping a close eye on the weather…although, for the last 4 days, the forecast has been wrong each day!!  So while Sunday is looking good…that really doesn’t mean anything!! I’m the type that would prefer a hot day to a cool rainy one. I hate the rain and cold!! Yeah, yeah, why do I live here then?? ‘Cause the 4 months of warm weather are amazing!!

Do you do anything different for your diet the week before a race?

What type of weather do you prefer for race day? Cool and rainy or hot and sunny?

Have to work late tonight so heading into work a little later than usual…will first stop off at drugstore to get some drugs…my friend Mike gave me some good advice on what to buy…I’ll update you tomorrow!

Happy Wednesday!!!

6 thoughts on “This taper week is EASY!!

  1. Cbielinski

    For a marathon race week I try to eat pasta at least once early in the week and extra complex carbs during the week. I don't a lot more just some extra each day. The night before I don't eat a heavy meal. If it is going to be hot where I am running I will drink electrolyte drinks during the week to pre-load for all I am going to sweat out.

    Cool and sunny with low humidity is my favorite weather to run in.


  2. Canuck Runner

    Yes, that would be my preferred race weather too!!

    I used to really worry about what I ate the night before and learned (the hard way) that I wasn't eating enough – would end up with GI issues during the race. Now I really focus on making sure I eat enough during the day before (i.e. eating regularly) and have a good sized dinner.


  3. Cbielinski

    I also have at least one beer the night before a marathon. Alcohol dehydrates you but it is just something I do. Heck there are times during marathons people will be handing out beer as a joke and I will take a drink or two!


  4. Canuck Runner

    Oooh, good point! Feel like I might have said this somewhere before…I usually have 1-2 beers the night before as well!

    I did a Beer Run last fall…so much fun…but also realized that running with beer (not just one) in your stomach does NOT feel good! Am rethinking my desires to do a beer mile! LOL!!



    I am sure Abby and Kinley would get along well. They are both a tad bit dramatic 🙂

    Sending major good vibes your way that your cold will get better! I ran a half marathon with a package of tissues once and had used them all by the end of the race. Hopefully, this will not be necessary for you.


  6. Canuck Runner

    Oh man, I hope that I don't have to do that!! My coach actually just suggested I don't race at all! But said it was my call…yeah, my call is to race!! 🙂

    Yes, Abby and Kinley are kindred dramatic spirits I'm sure!! 🙂



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