Is he joking??

Well, after a beautiful 3-day weekend, it’s time to get back to the daily grind of the work routine…a beautiful day like this made it easier to get going!

For the next 2 days I’m walking my neighbours’ dog, Phoebe, while her humans are away and their daughter works weird hours. She is an awesome dog and she and Abby get along well – they are both hunting dogs and are driven by their noses. However, Phoebe has the normal dog gene where she LIVES for walks.  Abby, as you know, completely lacks this gene. Completely.  The result is that these walks highlight even more my complete lack of control with dogs! LOL!  I have a leash in each hand and one arm is straight out in front as Phoebe pulls to go faster and, as you can imagine, my other one is straight out behind me as Abby fights HARD to do the opposite. Nobody is happy. Ha!

So I sent my coach an email last night telling him that I did my long run on Monday instead of Sunday because of a head cold (note that I did not specify that I did a 75 min tempo run instead of the prescribed 90 min easy run – didn’t want to get into trouble!!). He was freaking out a bit about my head cold – asking me if I had a fever, etc.  And then gave me this:

“If the cold persists I would not run this week. And if it persists to the weekend I would not race. Really bad luck.”

Is he joking? My coach is a great running coach…but all he can talk about is running. Seriously. And I don’t usually get his jokes – because they’re about some runner I’ve never heard of or something. So I’m not sure whether to laugh at this response or think that he’s being serious! My cold is still hanging around and driving me nuts, but unless it gets a whole lots worse, I’ll be racing on Sunday!  But I might take his advice and not run this week. It might make me grumpy, but this cold has got to die!!

Have you ever had to miss a race you signed up for because you got sick last minute?

Have you ever raced while sick – how did it turn out?

Have a great Tuesday!!!

2 thoughts on “Is he joking??

  1. desyd

    #1, yes, drop out of a track race due to food poison.
    #2, yes I have raced sick, you run faster because you just want it to be done as soon as possible and your head is more worried about being sick than the race, so you run faster.



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