An extrovert, YES…a gardener…NO!

I would bet that if you asked anyone who knew me, they’d describe me as a total extrovert. And for the most part, I agree with that. I LOVE people. I love being with my friends, my co-workers, my neighbours, my patients…and I really love meeting new people – even if it’s someone who I will never see again (like on a plane!).  I thrive off learning about people, sharing experiences, learning and seeing how different personalities mix, don’t mix and how some are able to shift to meet the needs of the other person. I’m the type of person who is happy to strike up a conversation with someone in the grocery line. But let’s be clear – I don’t like everyone. And I definitely know that not everyone likes me! LOL!  When I was much younger and working in retail over the summer, my favorite customers were the rude ones. I thought it was hilarious. Why are you being rude to me? I did nothing to you! And so with the regular customers who were always rude, it became my mission to “de-rude” them. I remember my boss finally told me to cut my losses with one particular customer – he was just pure grump and had been for years.  That was 12 years ago and that customer, now in his late 80s, still sends me a Christmas card each year. 🙂

But being an extrovert doesn’t mean that I don’t need downtime…I have learned however, that sometimes I have to be conscious of carving out downtime for myself. It doesn’t always mean alone time, but it does mean slowing down and connecting with just one or two people at a time. This weekend I’ve tried to stay offline and/or connect one on one with people without having all the background chatter around. It’s my way of re-charging.

Am about to go do some gardening with my neighbour, Lindsay. Gardening. Oh, how I don’t enjoy it. But as a homeowner who doesn’t want to be shunned by her neighbours, I put in the effort. But let me tell you, it’s comical. I go to the garden centre, I pick out plants that look pretty (that’s basically the criteria), I buy some mulch and I come home and “get to work”. By that I mean that I dig random holes (some deep, some not so deep – depends how much I feel like digging) and throw in one of the plants I bought.  After I’ve planted them all, I throw mulch all over the garden – and yes, I just throw it on top of last year’s mulch. Lindsay, on the otherhand, is OBSESSED with her garden. Since  March, she has been growing plants in little pots in every window sill of her house and then today she is carefully transplanting them to her garden – planted to the right depth and in the right sunlight.  She’s polite and laughs at my gardening technique (but I know she also cringes). But the thing is, and Lindsay will agree, my garden looks just as good as hers when we’re done (and all summer)…so why would I be inspired to do any different!?  The funniest was when one year one of my elderly neighbours (read: retired, so gardens full time and judges other people’s gardens) came over to admire my garden and said, “Dear, who did you hire to do your garden? It’s fantastic!”.  You can imagine the hysterical laughter than ensued.

Am not sure I really should be planting today. It is traditionally the weekend to plant…but while it was in the high 80s on Thursday, this morning when I walked Abby it was a balmy 37F. Yes, I wore a hat and mitts.  There was a frost warning last night and there will probably be another one – but if I’m motivated in any way to garden, I should probably ride that motivation. Plus, it has warmed up to a blazing 60F!! Ha!  Tomorrow I will post before and after shots of the garden…

Abby did a different type of thrown down this morning – this one REALLY gets people thinking I’m torturing this “poor old dog who is tired”. Note that she is not even LOOKING at me.

On my way home from the garden centre I stopped off at Tim Horton’s (a Canadian staple) and got my favorite…Jalapeno bagel with cream cheese. LOVE.

I was planning to do my final “long” run before next weekend’s race but I woke up to a full fledged head cold this morning. Normally my rule is that if it’s just in my head (and not in my chest) then I’ll still run…but with the race so close, there’s no point in risking making it worse. I’ll aim to try and do it tomorrow morning…am trying to take it easy today so that I will be better by tomorrow! 🙂

Have a wonderful Sunday!!!

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