Kindness of strangers.

Ok, so I had a really bad day yesterday. Can’t remember a day as bad as that. Not sure I’m ready to talk about it but I think that a significant loss in my life that happened a year ago and that was not dealt with then (for good reason) hit me like an asteroid this week. And I wasn’t expecting it. And had no tools ready to cope with it.

While yesterday was BRUTAL, I have to tell you, the outpouring of support I got from people who I have never met in person was extremely overwhelming and completely took me by surprise. The DMs I got on twitter and the emails I got…I’m still in shock.  It was unbelievable to hear people say that I had made them laugh so much over the last few months that they wanted to make sure I knew they were there for me – to just reach out to them. I know I thanked each one of you, but I’m not sure you know how much it meant to me. It helped some of my tears yesterday be tears of laughter. You know who you are.

I got a solid 8 hours of sleep last night – wanted a wee bit more, but a furry creature who shares my bed with me (despite my trying to lay down other rules) nudged me awake this morning.

While cool, it’s a beautiful day and I took Abby out for a walk in some greenspace out behind my house. It’s military property (Department of National Defence – DND) and last year they created a new BS rule that dogs were not allowed there. 

And when I say BS, I mean it. I took it to the media, made front page of the newspaper, exposed their lies through access to information requests. They said publicly that dog owners weren’t picking up after the dogs…my access to information documents revealed otherwise. It was just one grumpy man who decided he didn’t want dogs there…and literally made up crazy stories of teams in hazmat suits being deployed. So ridiculous – even the reporter laughed.

But NO ONE would help us (the community)…no one will touch the military. Our mayor, MPP and city councilor all said, “Sorry, it’s DND land”. And the press was extremely reticent to print proven lies DND was spewing. We continue to walk there anyway, but only in the early morning, late evenings and on weekends when no one’s there. It’s not an active base, the greenspace is entirely unused and 99.9% of the staff there WANT the dogs there. It’s just one grumpy old man who doesn’t. And he occasionally comes out and chases us off. It’s fun! LOL!

When I’m out in this greenspace, Abby can go off leash (she has basically zero recall…well, she has it, she just refuses to employ it) and run around like an idiot. And strangely, there are no throw downs into dead dog when off leash. Only proves that the throw downs are purely attitude driven and not, as many strangers who see her say, “Ohhhh, the poor little thing is tired! She needs a rest!”.

Today I have an optional run on the agenda but I have woken up with a sore throat so am just going to see how I feel later on in the day. I have a lot to do around the house and I might just need to take it easy.  If I do go, it will be for 7 miles.

Tomorrow is my last “long run” before next weekend’s race…coach has put a cap on it of 90 minutes and has labeled it as EASY (in capital letters). I’ll do my best (big grin).

Happy Saturday!!

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