Sometimes I’m sad. Truth.

Our field hockey club has divided the players into three different teams for the summer:

Yellow Plague (they are SO annoying)
Red Dawn (obnoxious team!)
White Hot (best team!!)

Can you guess which is mine? 😉

Some of the players – taken a couple of years ago at the end of the night

When putting the teams together we try to make them as even as possible in terms of skill. Our club is co-ed, but more women than men. I hate saying it, but the reality is that the men are just faster and stronger than the women, so we’re really careful to balance them out among the teams as well.  Last night, the only male from my team who showed up has a bum knee and didn’t bring is brace. Great stick skills, but can’t run worth a damn. The other teams all had their men (and Yellow Plague somehow picked up another one – more on that in a bit) and had no pity for White Hot.

The way the night works is that each team plays each other once- so we all get two games. We started off against Yellow Plague – a team on which one of the guys, I’m not kidding, has an arm span of about 8 feet and for every step he takes, I take about 5. And then last night they picked up another player…a guy who I cannot stand. He refuses to pass to anyone on his team who he deems “less skilled” than him and he’s reckless.  We all want to play a high level of hockey but at the same time we’re out there to have fun and none of us want to get injured – umm, we all have lives outside of hockey!  So let me tell you, when he ran into one of our defence (a girl just a wee bit bigger than me) and was knocked almost unconscious, I secretly cheered. Ok, it wasn’t secretly…I did it out loud. I couldn’t help it!! Another highlight of that game was when I scored our lone goal of the night!! We keep player stats and you build or lose points based on actions (goals scored, yelling at the refs, etc) and I got an extra point for doing a cartwheel (yes I did) right after I scored!  Lol!!

Anyway, we lost both our games but only by 1 goal and considering the female to male ratio I think we totally held our own!! 

I ended up playing for Red Dawn in their game against Yellow Plague because they didn’t have enough players – “we” won that game! lol! I had planned to take pics during that final game when I wasn’t playing – but the mosquitoes were OUT OF CONTROL last night (a heat wave hit us this week) so I was more than happy when Red asked me to play with them – mosquitoes can’t catch me when I’m running!

Went out for beers after the game…just like last week, had only two beers but stayed out really late…and feel like death this morning.

And to be honest, I’m having a rough morning. To be really honest, I just feel like crying. Ok, I might have already cried this morning. Alone. At my desk.

I’ve agonized over whether I put that last paragraph in here. Saying what I said is hard for me to admit because I’m told I come across as someone who is always upbeat and happy and people assume I’m ALWAYS like that and depend on me to cheer them up – so I find people don’t check in to make sure I’m ok…and I’m not always ok.  But god forbid I actually just tell a friend that I’m not ok and ask for help when I’m feeling down.  I know. I put too much pressure on myself.

I’m overtired and so all my little stresses and worries are magnified.  Plus I’m in taper mode so I haven’t done a dedicated run in 2 days…that doesn’t help matters.

Long weekend ahead for us here in Canada – Monday is Victoria Day! Hope to recharge. Might be headed up to open the cottage up for the summer season.

I wish you all an awesome Friday! 🙂

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