A girl and her dog.

After the excitement of the warm weather that hit us, the city seems to be on a low today…cooler and rainy today…and for the rest of the week.  They turned off the heat at work so today we all have our individual space heaters on full blast!

Overcast walk this morning with Abby…her mood matched it…but if you read my blog even just once in a while, you already know that Abby pulls this move EVERY. SINGLE. DAY.  People probably eat their breakfast at their front windows waiting to see me and Abby pass and listen to our ongoing argument:

Abby: refuses to walk any further (2 minutes into our walk)

Me: Abby, you HAVE to go for a walk. You NEED to walk.

Abby: digs all four feet into the ground, refusing to walk, gets down low to the ground

Me: Abby, what is wrong with you?  You’re supposed to be a dog – which means LOVING walks.

Abby: throws down into dead dog pose

Me: Abby. This is ridiculous.  Get up. GET UP NOW.  I’m serious. GET UP.  See?  Look at that other dog?  It’s looking at you like you’re crazy – get up and walk!

Abby: remains in dead dog pose and pays ZERO attention to me

**squirrel runs by

Abby: springs up and wrenches my arm out of my shoulder socket trying desperately to get squirrel.

Repeat that scene about 10 times and that’s our 40 minute walk every morning. Good thing she’s cute!

After the walk, I got my run gear on and did my last speed workout before the half in 1.5 weeks. Today’s workout was MUCH longer than I realized it was going to be:

5k warm-up (but only did 2k once I realized how much time the workout was going to take and I was going to be late for work!)

12 x 400m on 3 minutes JOG

It was good.  Because of the weather (it was raining by the time our “walk” was done) I did the workout on my treadmill – would have preferred to do it on the track at a local high school…but wasn’t into the rain this morning.  But, that did mean that I got to watch more Breaking Bad – with the good weather we’ve had lately, it’s been about 2 weeks since I ran on my treadmill!  I was missing Walt White and Jesse Pinkman!!

Happy Tuesday!

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