It was. It really was.

The MOST beautiful weekend we have had since…probably last September. Yesterday was so beautiful I didn’t even post because that would have meant time inside in front of a screen…and we Canadians, can’t waste ANY good weather days!

When I was walking Abby in the morning, it was obvious it was going to be a beautiful day!!

Yesterday, being Mother’s Day, I started off the day going to Walmart – hahaha!  But seriously, I still needed to do my groceries so I figured that 7am on a Sunday morning was a perfect time – and in terms of crowds it was…

However, the pain at the check-out will make me think twice about going at that hour again. I think they just pull randos from the street and have them man the check-out. The guy had NO IDEA what he was doing!!

Then after that I met my parents at church followed by brunch…at my least favorite restaurant. Quick Jane fact: I WILL NOT eat any water dwelling creatures. I have tried – oh trust me, I have tried – but I just can’t stomach them. Any of them. One of my parents’ favorite restaurant (along with any other seafood lover here in Ottawa) is The Pelican and so it only made sense that we took my mom there for Mother’s day. The smell of the place alone was killer. Remind me NEVER to go there if I’m hungover. Luckily we were there for brunch and THAT menu has some non-fish/seafood items. This is what I had…LOVE bacon…

After that I was CRAVING to be outside in the sunshine so I pulled my bike out of storage, dusted it off and pumped up the tires and headed out…we have rough winters here…but what we get in the summer helps make up for it…this was my bike ride yesterday…and once the leaves come out, it will be that much more amazing!!  These pics are taken along one path…and the path is half a mile from my house! 🙂

Start of my ride!

I love the lock system!!
Dow’s Lake – very windy yesterday!
And this is my favorite one. Yes, it was warm yesterday…but really, it was only low 70s…and yet this is how we dress when it gets THAT HOT – lol!! This girl was paddling down the canal in her bikini…love it!!

Today is shaping up to be another amazing day…and then there’s rain in the forecast for the rest of the week…so I’ll use these pics to keep up my spirits!! 🙂

Happy Monday!!

4 thoughts on “It was. It really was.

  1. Canuck Runner

    Oh, let me clarify, she fights me everyday (you've seen her protest move). But she gets two 40 minute walks everyday. 🙂

    But she is FOOD OBSESSED so she needs to balance it out with exercise. She just doesn't understand that!! LOL!!


  2. Katherine Toscana

    Growing up in South Dakota, I know exactly how it feels to whip out your summer clothes when the rest of the world would not consider it nice! I live in Australia now and we're going into winter time. I'll probably be the only one here to not wear my winter jacket at all 🙂



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