Bye! See ya in 6 months!

Winter, that is. That’s right folks, last night’s massive display of thunder and lightning with torrential rains seems to have scared winter away and we woke to the most beautiful day we have seen since…well, 6 months ago!! 🙂

And you might want to make sure you’re sitting down for this piece of news. I ran outside today…wearing nothing but shorts and a t-shirt…and I was too hot!! The hilarious part of that is that it was the low 60s but with a blazing sun and 90% humidity – it was like being in sauna and I loved every minute of it!!

Started off the day with my usual walk with Abby – but because it was warm I could wear these light linen pants…I think it’s hilarious to wear them. And just to note, I only wear them to walk Abby…early in the morning. But I feel like sunshine in them!  Or a giant slice of orange!

Then I went out for an easy 7 miles (7:43min/mile or 4:48 min/km) wearing minimal clothing (FELT AMAZING) and didn’t care that I was dying of heat. Had a huge grin on my face the whole time – also because I was squinting from that thing they call THE SUN!! LOL!  The trees are starting to show some buds, the canal was beautiful and couldn’t help but stop and take a couple of pics!

In the distance you can see the Chateau Laurier – a grand old hotel downtown

A glimpse of the Parliament buildings

After my run went and met two to of my best girlfriends for a much deserved brunch.  Will likely spend today OUTSIDE doing chores around the house!

Have a great Saturday!!!

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