Was a little too eager…

MAYBE my running 7 miles in the morning and playing 2 league games of field hockey in the evening on my first day “back” post-race was not the best plan…because let me assure you, my execution of the latter activities was NOT good.

I’m a pretty good hockey player…but not because of any slick stick handling skills. It’s because I can pop the ball up past someone and be fairly certain I can get around them and beat them to the ball…because I’m a good runner. So when my legs are on empty…my lack of superb stick handling skills is glaringly obvious AND my teammates kept passing balls up in front of me because they are used to me being able to get any ball…but I missed 98% of them last night. I was USELESS. It sucked. And we lost both games. LOL.

We’re quite a social field hockey club and so after the games we usually go to a pub for a few drinks…I only had one beer and yet somehow 3 hours flew by. I’m normally in bed by about 9:30pm. But last night? 1am. I feel like hell this morning. Oh well, it was fun! 🙂

Needless to say, I was UNABLE to get up this morning to run and had plans of running tonight on the treadmill…but then just remembered that I’m scheduled to give a talk at the Running Room. I regularly give talks to all their run clinics (Learn to Run, Breast Cancer Survivors, 5k, 10k, half and full marathon) on proper nutrition practices for running (and life in general). Tonight’s is a 10k group.  So this means I won’t get a run in…and let’s be honest, I probably should give my body a rest after yesterday!

Sadly, I left the house this morning with these on…

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