It was like running naked…

…well, almost. Unless you live in a place where you experience FOUR different seasons, maybe you can’t fully understand the feeling of liberation I had this morning when I was able to a) run outside first thing this morning (and not die of cold) and b) NOT WEAR MITTS!!!  My hands saw sunlight!! Trust me, it was AMAZING.

Coach said to do an short easy run today and tomorrow…I think we’ve been over this before, when he’s vague like that I tend to make up my own rules. But given that I have felt quite wrecked after last weekend’s race, I actually went out with plans of running an easy 5 miles.  But about 3 miles in, at a point where I could decide to go left or carry on, I decided to carry on and do 7 miles.  But I did keep it easy. I didn’t look at my garmin at all except occasionally to see my heart rate (I really did want to keep that sane after the 183 average on Sunday). Ran about a 7:50 pace and it felt easy…and good. 🙂

About a months ago I posted a pic from a long run that I did along our canal (largest skating rink in the world during the winter) and was lamenting about how it was STILL a frozen tundra of sorts.  Well this morning I was greeted with a sight for sore eyes.  Each fall, the canal’s water level is lowered – this, for us Ottawans, is a sure sign that winter is almost upon us.  Conversely, a sure sign of spring is when the canal’s water level is raised…and that is exactly what I encountered this morning! I  just about jumped for joy!

Tonight is the first official game of the season for field hockey. Teams have been made…our team hasn’t finalized our name (but our team colour is white) – we’re thinking White Hot.Thunder showers are forecasted for tonight and I just hope that hold off until after hockey!!

Hope you have a beautiful day!! 🙂

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