Recovery, training and tapering all wrapped up with a bow – I hope!

Back at work today – and while I would have loved to stay snuggled under my duvet a little longer, I really am happy to be back…I missed my colleagues – for real.

Coach has given me orders to not run until Thursday – will run Thursday and Friday (easy 5 miles) and then he and I will touch base about the following two weeks of training…next race is a half here in Ottawa on May 25th so it’ll be a fine balance between recovery, training and tapering. Race weekend here is INSANE.  I think there are close to 45,000 runners in the various races (kids 2k, 5k, 10k, half and full marathon) over the weekend and it sells out REALLY fast.

Normally, as you have had to listen to my griping before, I HATE non-running days.  But I’m still wrecked from the weekend – travel, time change, stress, the race from hell – and am grateful for the rest.  And the sleep it allowed me this morning. Normally I’m up at 5am and walking the dog just as the sun is starting to think about peaking above the skyline so waking up this morning at 6:30am (!!!), I felt like I had missed half the day already – the sun was fully up and functioning!

As I got to work and fearfully opened my inbox I was relieved to see only 200 emails waiting for me…4 days away, that’s not too bad!!

Hope everyone has a great Wednesday!!!

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