Race Day in Portland

I didn’t sleep well the night before. Combination of jet lag, poor temp control in my hotel room and nerves. Woke countless times worried that I had slept through the alarm. Got up at 5:15am, ate my breakfast, checked the weather  and then picked out exactly what I was going to wear. End decision looked a wee bit like a strung out Rainbow Bright. My obnoxious metallic green shoes, fluorescent pink compression socks, black shorts and a green camouflage long sleeve top…with my blue Boston cap. I hoped the combination might scare the competition! Lol!

Got to the start line with 10 minutes to go and the winds picked up. By the time the race started my quads were shakng they were so cold!!
I’m not sure I would have trained differently but perhaps if I had checked out the course elevation I would have been more psychologically prepared for the first 3 miles of the race being completely up hill. The next 3 miles were downhill. By mile 6, my legs were shredded. And I was done. I had decided at mile 1 that I was no longer going to finish in the time I had hoped and that there was no point in looking at my Garmin again. So I just needed to keep going.
At mile 7 I pretty much hit rock bottom. Had nothing left in the tank but kept going. We runners are dumb that way, right? The other barrier was that we had suddenly joined the route of the 5 and 10k walk and run and at that point they were all walkers so it was super crowded and I kept having to weave my way around them. I was not happy.
Then there was the turnaround point at mile 9ish…at the BOTTOM OF A HILL!! Who thinks that bright idea up? Not a runner.
The last 4 miles were wind, driving rain and the best part…drum roll…Police officers stopping the runners to let traffic through!!! WHAT?????? I was livid.
Finally crossed the line in 1:41 and change…51st overall, 11th female, 1st in my age category. Not the finish I was hoping for, but I left it all out there and have no regrets or doubts about my training or effort. That’s most important.

(Just to confirm to me that I worked damn hard out there, my average heart rate during a race is normally around 168…today it was 183. SLIGHTLY uncomfortable -lol!!)
After the race here it’s a big party. Free beer (and lots of it) and mingling with other runners. Met a lot of really nice people.
The afternoon was spent on another Walking Tour (Portland Walking Tours is amazing!!!) and then met up with an old friend from high school who lives here and who I haven’t seen in 17 years!! We had a great catch up!!
Am completely exhausted now, have had far too much beer today and can’t wait to get into bed!! Flying home tomorrow!!

2 thoughts on “Race Day in Portland

  1. runningsouthern.com

    Even with a disappointing race, your time still smokes mine! Way to stick with it despite the elements. And if I was running a race and the police stopped me to let traffic through, I wouldn't be able to hold myself back from the rude comments that would fly out of my mouth.


  2. Canuck Runner

    Thanks, Carson!! While I didn't curse at them (I think I was too flabbergasted), I did yell at them saying, “THIS IS RIDICULOUS!! YOU CAN'T DO THIS!!”. They told me it wasn't ridiculous and that they could do it. LOL!



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