Bacon & Friends

I’ll tell you, I felt ROUGH this morning. Ran my butt off yesterday, leaving everything on the course and then drank a lot of beer. NOT a good combination! Lol!

This trip has been a bundle full of emotions for me. I have felt, at times, incredibly lonely, scared, happy, lucky, tired, relieved…did I say tired? 😉 and it’s these types of life experiences that remind you who your friends are, who are the people that are there for you even when you’re not all bubbly and happy. Who is there for you when you’re struggling. I was reminded of how lucky I am to have such good friends…and was given a wake up call as to who is not. It really, really hurt. But I know it happened for a reason, and that I need to let it go. Just still trying to figure out how to do that.
It took me a while to get going this morning. It’s not muscles that are aching, but a general complete body fatigue. Am not hungry but know I need to eat. And when you’re in times like that, you shouldn’t be picky about what you put in your system as long as it has calories and you can keep it down. The answer to that when in Portland? A trip to Voodoo Doughnuts, obviously!! 
This is the most popular place in town – the lineup on the weekends is unreal!!! Out the door, down the street and back again. But a Monday morning, the line is only just out the door! So I indulged in their infamous Bacon Maple Bar.

Yup, that’s a FRESH doughnut with maple icing and 2 strips of bacon on top. It’s to die for!! And yes, I feel a little nauseated after eating it, but it was worth it!!
I also feel like I was being called to Voodoo Doughnut as this was the number plaque of my hotel room: (and no one else had this one!)
Am at my gate at the airport, flight leaves in about an hour. First stop is Calgary and then home to Ottawa. Looking forward to getting back home!!
Would you eat that doughnut?

How do you “forget” someone who you thought was your friend but turns out is not?

3 thoughts on “Bacon & Friends


    I have always wanted to go to VooDoo doughnuts!! I would love a maple bacon doughnut. Our local donut shop makes them and they are delish.

    Sorry about losing your friend. Sometimes, people's true colors come out and it is a tough pill to swallow. I have the attitude of remembering the good times in our friendship and moving on based on that. This way I can forgive them, not let myself have bitterness that festers, and move on.


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