‘Cause I’m leaving on a jet plane…

And I’m so full of emotions I might burst! LOL!

Excited – because I’m going somewhere new, will meet new people, am going to RACE, and will be on vacation

Terrified – because I’m going somewhere new on my own and am going to RACE

Tired – because I didn’t sleep well last night (too excited and scared) and because I keep thinking about how it’s going to take me 11 hours to fly across the continent. UGH.

Happy – because I can and am doing this.

While I’m away, Abby will be staying at the Kennel until Sunday night at which point my dad will pick her up and my parents will keep her until Tuesday morning when I can pick her up.  It’s a great kennel but Abby puts on a show like you have never seen whenever I drop her off.  It’s pure torture for me. But the staff are great and I know they love her and her antics. I let her have the window down for the half hour drive out there (while I was wearing a hat, scarf and mitts). Dogs just love sticking their head out an open window, don’t they!?

I have a little bit more packing to do and then it’ll be time to head to the airport.  From Ottawa I fly to Chicago (PLEASE may there be only good weather there), then to San Francisco and then FINALLY I will arrive in Portland!!  WOOHOO!!!

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