Planning for my trip…and race – on my own.

No run today – and I’m going to quit my complaining (for today) about that right here.

Am feeling super restless at work and in some ways stressed today. And I have ZERO patience for a colleague who is currently sulking because I called her out on something (justifiably and politely) – I kind of want to tell her to suck it up.  LOL! The only reason for this I can come up with (because I really do have an awesome job that I love) is that I’m preoccupied with my upcoming vacay (although short) and trip + race to Portland, Oregon this weekend!!

I LOVE traveling to new places but I’ll admit, I’m kind of a nervous traveler.  I like to be organized and when you’re crossing borders, dealing with flights, new transit systems, currency, language, etc…I am at the mercy of THEIR organization skills! LOL!  So I do the MOST I can do on my end to make my travels smoothly…but I know that really, I’m at their mercy. And that’s stressful to me. And I mask it all with a giant smile on my face and relaxed body language…while inside I’m a bit of a wreck! But I kind of love that. LOL!

Whenever I travel to a new place, I make a folder that pretty much contains EVERY piece of information I might need – flight info, maps, addresses, phone numbers, restaurant, etc. ideas. And really, I’ve found that I really don’t use it much in the end – turns out I’m good at figuring stuff out on the spot – but it makes me feel better in the days leading up to the trip!

I’m traveling alone to Portland – I’d rather travel with someone, but if I don’t have someone to go with, I’m not going to let that stop me. I’ve traveled for 17 of my races and I’ve been on my own for 3 of them (some of them I’ve traveled by myself but was meeting someone there). It’s a different experience on your own with pros and cons to it. Race day is probably the hardest – no one to (try to) calm my nerves and no one waiting for me at the finish line.  But, whatever, I tell myself it’s better than not going because you can’t go on your own. And this race in particular is important that I do even if it’s on my own. Originally I was going to be racing in Geneva, Switzerland with my (ex) boyfriend but when we went our separate ways I decided not to do Geneva this year (that it was tied to bad memories) and so I picked Portland. For me, this race is a little about being strong enough to choose being on my own than with someone who doesn’t treat me well. Because there are lots of women who are unable to make that choice.

I haven’t started packing yet and to be honest, I’m not sure WHAT to pack – check out the forecast below. I arrive on Friday and leave Monday. I think I need to bring a little of everything! And remember, although for some those temps might not seem warm, for me it’s going to be blistering hot at times! LOL!

Have you traveled on your own before? Did you like it? Hate it?

What kind of traveler are you – nervous or laid back?

How far in advance do you pack?


2 thoughts on “Planning for my trip…and race – on my own.

  1. Canuck Runner

    Oh, that's right – I remember you saying that! Ha! Ok, the actual flying part is easy for me…I have been known to even fall asleep before the plane takes off! But everything around the actual flight makes me crazy! Thanks for the wishes!



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