My penultimate workout before the race!

Abby woke me up at 2:45am this morning. Why?  Well, when she gets off the bed in the middle of the night (for whatever reason), when she decides to get back on the bed, she HAS to jump up EXACTLY where my neck and shoulders are.  HAS TO.  Drives me nuts.  Sometimes I can stay asleep enough but this morning was not one of those mornings – it totally woke me up.  And then I was starving. So I got up, had a banana and pb and then read for a bit…which turned into an hour. My light went back out at 4am and let me tell you, it was PAINFUL when the alarm went off an hour later. I hit snooze 3 times before I could drag myself out of bed.

This week I have 2 workouts only, plus a measly easy 5k (I say measly ’cause coach has basically labeled it a “jog”) on Saturday which I’m not counting, before Sunday’s race. This morning’s was my last speed workout and it was awesome:

5k warmup
4 x 2k on 90s rest.

Was in a rush this morning (because of the 3 snooze alarm!) so don’t have many pics to show…except for this one – our local love fowl.  Again, Abby and I were both excited to see them for very two different reasons – and she was PEEVED that I wouldn’t let her get any close to them!

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